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Why is this the BEST airport in the world? (Changi Singapore)

Why is this the BEST Airport in the World? (Changi Singapore)

Every single week Kathy and I post new videos showing you guys different landscapes foods cultures people all around the world and every single time we have to go through one of these an international airport but today’s video is a bit strange because we’ve traveled all the way here today to Singapore to experience the airport.

Welcome to the Changi International Airport Gracie, looks like the fancy small look at robot and it starts off like that oh my gosh talking yes I feel a little uncomfortable I’m gonna give me some space ten feet into the airport.

It’s so good I’m not normally a Starbucks fanboy but this has to be one of the most beautiful mugs I have ever seen the color the texture I’m just gonna buy.

Do you think we can get our money back from Singapore I came here to see this this is one of the main reasons we don’t have to come to the airport and it’s closed for maintenance that’s the way she goes but even though the rain vortex the indoor waterfall is closed today doesn’t take away from how beautiful this entire exhibit is these were lured here is called the jewel and guess how much is possible 1.5 billion No 1.3 1.3 million dollars billion I’ll take it over it costs 1.3 billion dollars true to the name it’s the jewel freaking beautiful Singapore you got a deep pocket that’s wild for, 1.3 billion dollars you think they’d be able to get the waterfall to work oh my gosh it’s my dream come true Changi Burt I missed you.

Hands-down the most beautiful airport on planet earth so I want to talk a little bit about why Changi Airport is the number one in the world everything we’ve done so far has been in a public terminal you don’t need a boarding pass to come in here anyone can come in any single day of the year but what’s awesome is that now we can do an early check-in right here you have to be flying with certain airlines to get the early check-in privileges we can drop our luggage 16 hours before a flight and continue to hang around in the jewel we can go shopping or we can move on past immigrations and start exploring around the other terminals which are full of incredible things as well.

So one thing you need to know is what airline you’re flying and then from there you can go to the Changi website and you can actually see how early you can check-in so the airline we’re flying today said 16 hours some of them only gave you three hours in advance but if you want to move past immigrations that’s where you’re going to need to make sure you have it early check-in privilege.

So we had too much weight we have to take it out the robot is a bit smarter than I expected I tried to hold it up a little and it’s like you’re interfering stupid robots scoot English knowledge scan for new paths let my luggage go oh the scanners are running conferring b-bring no I hate to see you get beaten down like that do you miss the luggage already I’m sure you will be fine.

Now I’m still carrying around like 20 kilograms of heavy heavy camera equipment there’s a baggage storage place like 100 meters away we’re gonna throw these bags so that we can go and explore the Julia visits I received and we just fight the 9th owners do it so for the next 6 hours our luggage will sit there we’re completely free to shop to go and explore the jewel and then when we’re done with this we can move on to the terminal we’ll check in and then we won’t be able to come back to the section but I think we’ll have it out of our system because we have no space for shopping which is a good thing.

So we pay 15 dollars each to get these tickets to walk through Skynet’s like a canopy walk basically guys take up spider web that is suspended and you see all therefore from below and you just walk on it and welcome to the Skywalk.

If you stand in one spot for too long you get stuck this should be a requirement for all airports to have this this brings out my inner child a massive spiderweb of fun I’m standing above all of the jewel and right here my very own jewel lever and I pull it in that hole just opens up the trapdoor I’ve seen in the movies.

New pair of sneakers a lot of incredible memories here at the jewel and now it’s time to actually go past immigrations and show you what’s on the other side past the public terminal there’s still a lot to show you and it’s rough like 10 o’clock now our flights not for another nine or ten hours open 24/7.

And hands down the best thing about having a layover at the Chaney Airport at least if your layover is between five and a half hours and 24 hours long is that you can do a free city tour all you have to do is do a quick stamp out of immigrations and off you go on a bus to go and see the beautiful downtown core there’s actually two different tour packages one of them will take you to see Chinatown Little India and some of Singapore’s iconic colonial history but my favorite tour is the city sight store where they actually take you to see the merlion the Avatar like super trees also known as Gardens by the bay and most of all it focuses on this beautiful downtown city side again it’s all free.

I think it’s absolutely incredible to see that Singapore understands the importance of making a traveler’s Time enjoyable and I really hope the rest of the world can take note.

So I’m just about to go through immigrations and I can’t film that for obvious reasons but I have to say it’s insane there’s like nobody in line they have almost an immigration officer for every three people waiting right now and they have mints as you pass by them they give you a candy and across the entire airport you have machines like this where you can actually leave feedback whether the toilet was dirty whether you thought the person working immigration was a nice these are places where they’ll hear how the entire airport is performing and I think it’s one of the reasons that they’ve been the best airport in years and counting and I have never seen another airport that’s even like come close to this level of perfection.

How beautiful with that immigrations process even you have later everything just moves perfectly so easy yes they have information desk all over the airport and the people are so freaking helpful so we are now transferring from T one to T 3.

The world has become a little too entitled you just magically plug in your device to the wall and you get a charge the Changi Airport thinks otherwise do that not charging you should be working for your charge so based on how fast idle it actually shows me how much guitars again.

So I’m going to kick it into super super grab 3% okay I think this is what I’m most excited about you ready.

One of the most incredible things that they have is a butterfly garden it has hundreds and hundreds of these butterflies but I’m learning something new today butterflies sleep at night and butterflies sleep upside down because we’ve just seen dozens of them upside down sleeping and none of them are flying around at the moment but at least they get to sleep tonight because we’ve also found out all the transit hotels are completely booked out so we’re gonna show you another one of the perks of staying in Changi.

It’s now 12:30 or almost 1:00 basically everything’s closing we have nowhere to sleep I spend ninety letters in a sweatshirt yeah we’re pretty cold pants you’re wearing my sweatpants I have to buy a pair of sweatpants not really panning out there’s nap rooms there’s hotel rooms everything is booked but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing we can see it as an opportunity to save money aside from the clothing we have two bikes it’s really cold in here but I’ll show you a very good Changi travel huh maybe it’s not great but it’s a Travel Act it’s such a gong show like everyone sprawled out over couches chairs I’ve seen some guys bare feet on the tables it’s it’s a free-for-all it looks like somebody got evaporated he took my spot well there’s no easy picking for sleeping areas I’ll tell you what the Singapore Airport does have that I absolutely love free foot massages it feels really good honestly empresas yeah you sounds read minds like soothing and relaxing.

Right next to the butterfly garden I can’t deal with another superhero movie so the SkyTrain is under maintenance until 5:00 a.m. which is like two and a half hours from now I feel like Moses and the people looking for the Promised Land we’re still looking for it we’re looking for the nice empty couch but everything’s occupied.

So we will continue our search for a good night’s rest a travel hack would be to bring a pillow then I could sleep on the floor no movie to book your hotel in advance bring a pillow is the biggest takeaway from this it’s 4:30 a.m. I haven’t slept like this it’s like a journal before I die 6:20 a.m. are the most tired I’ve ever been okay it’s time to board.

So I think it’s fair to say this is the greatest airport on planet Earth but it doesn’t make up for the fact that you’re going to need a good place to sleep because I feel awful right now I’m so tired but with that said I know you have one looming question that you’d love to have answered.

What is that looming question you may ask well you’re probably wondering how I keep myself safe for data privacy as a traveler if you didn’t already know this when you actually log on to a stranger’s Wi-Fi whether it be an airport and coffee shop or hotel you were actually making all of your data and privacy completely vulnerable and at the mercy of that Wi-Fi network and that is why today I want to tell you about Nord VPN today’s video sponsor.

Nord VPN basically builds you a giant wall that prevents any of that data theft from going on Nord VPN is one of the biggest names in VPNs for good reason not only does no our VPN keep your data safe but they also allow you to watch Netflix shows that may not be available in your region because you can choose what region you stream from they allow you to use the internet without any limitations in countries that have firewalls and blocks like China for example these are just a few of the reasons why Nord VPN is a traveler’s best friend so guys if you want to check it out I’ve got this incredible discount link down below or you can go to Nord VPN com backslash loss Leblanc and get started today with this incredible discount.

And yeah you may have noticed I look a whole lot better than I did at the Changi Airport that’s why I wanted to wait before recording this but I think this is a good time to end the video I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this futuristic Airport that I hope the whole world can take note of and hopefully one day we see more Changi style airports across the globe.

So guys I’m gonna end the video here if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button and let’s get lost again in the next one.

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