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What is RV LIFE REALLY like? (RV TOUR)

What is RV LIFE REALLY like? (RV TOUR)

if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in an rv let us show you it’s not really like this here it goes for the past two weeks this has been our home and a lot of us have seen photos on Instagram, Pinterest wherever of the van life and i want to share with you the details the realities because it’s great it’s amazing.

I recommend it to everybody but it’s not perfect and i think you should know more about it all right so first of all I want to show you the front of the rv where most of the magic happens and where we spend most of our days especially on travel days basically you’ve got enough room to seat i don’t know eight people in here there are seat belts hidden inside of the couch as long as you’re clipped in you’re able to sit here and do it really comfortably and the awesome thing is if you’re not the driver you can take the driving time to be back.

Here have your own table to potentially do a bit of work if you’re not going to get car sick if you’re traveling with four people and you’re really pushing the limits of what i think this thing’s capable of then you could convert this into a bed we actually haven’t done it but this whole table pops down and then you’re able to use these cushions to create a lay flat it might be more of a bed for kids and if you come all the way to the front i want to show you this right here not the tv we have never used the tv this is maxwell’s room and max’s room is actually really spacious.

So there’s a piece right here that gets connected here so that entire area here is his entire room and he just found out today there’s actually a little hidden storage cabinet how excited are you about that very comfortable they’re jealous it’s got a better view it’s got like height it’s high yeah the king of the rv yeah pride rock of the rv yeah it’s super easy to take on and off max has a little ladder but he’s never used it parkour this is the drivers area this is where i sit this is where i usually get visitors from one of these two this here is like a control module for the beats and we did bring a speaker here for when we park and that will kind of bring me to the next thing talking about electricity because as somebody that’s never taken an rv i actually was very confused how this would work and i was a little surprised because i thought i would be able to use standard plugs while driving but that’s not been the case in order to get the plugs to run do you hear that that noise that low rumbling that’s the generator running just like you’d see in your house there’s plugs hidden throughout the rv and in order to get power to them you’re going to need to run a generator the generator can make power anywhere in the world.

So you can charge your laptops on the road yep you can charge anything well you can’t do while you’re on the road you can’t do all your job yeah but that’s what we found that out the wrong way yeah we turned on the generator and kathy was making pesto chicken wraps while we were on the highway and then i think we blew the generator but we restarted the fuse.

So we’re good it’s four liters per hour to run the generator with the currently record low fuel prices that’s only five dollars an hour but it’s not something you’d want to run overnight so we just use it when it’s time to you know charge laptops charge speakers charge batteries but i also just bought this thing right here.

So it’s going to be a very slow trickle charge it’s a dc charger it allows us to get you know proper plugs just with the cigarette lighter right over here you’ll actually see tucked down below there there’s usb chargers.

So you can charge your phone even when the car is running or even when everything is turned off it doesn’t use a ton of power so there’s always power coming out of there so that’s kind of handy so on the strip i’ve been the driver cathy the chef i prefer we call this [ __ ] max he’s the black water specialist yeah max is the most formidable black water specialist there ever was now if you’re not sure what black water is we’ll get to that shortly i think you don’t want to know what it is you probably might want to skip that part this is the kitchen.

So this is my space my favorite place in the rv i’m surprised that we have so many things to use we have microwave we have oven that we have really been using it’s been so helpful yeah a fridge and a freezer yeah with lots of food they’re like really good size too i would have expected you would be like picking and choosing ingredients but we’ve been able to get almost if not everything we needed yeah it’s crazy and then you have so much dry storage pantry it’s wool food as well for this you need to run electricity the generator needs to be running but these two can actually run just by propane which is underneath the rv here and so is the fridge.

So the fridge is always running even if the generator is not on overall it’s an amazing place to cook yeah you can do everything we brought like a couple years to work out and we haven’t worked out even once we haven’t worked that much it’s been almost like a fast food tour yeah we have been stopping in all the walmart seeing all the fast food like drive-throughs no regrets now when you’re done let me show you this little hidden trash shoe boom there’s a hole right there this is the bathroom you can see it’s a little tight the real tight part of the bathroom is in here which is currently where we’re hanging our wet jackets from yesterday’s rain we went to take some photos outside and it was just pouring rain in fact there was one of the most crazy storms in calgary just yesterday pale the size of a tennis ball dropping down and putting holes in car windows destroying homes it’s pretty wild we literally just missed it by i don’t know a few kilometers we’ve been going through water a lot faster than i could have imagined with us going through typical usage the three of us we’re probably going through a full water tank in a matter of three days and of course that water has to go somewhere and when the water goes down the sink the bathroom sink or the shower it’s known as gray water meaning it’s dirty water not to be reused and it must be disposed but what goes down there the toilet that’s black water the black water hasn’t been filling up on us very fast but the grey water fills up in two to three days.

So it’s been a bit challenging we’ve actually been going up to random rv campsites and just asking them if we can do a dumping is actually the term and dumping has never been harder since covid because they’ve actually made it.

So that you need to be a guest of the rv campsite and prior to like this week they weren’t allowing uh overnight guests you had to be a seasonal guest but enough on that the covid related issues probably won’t be there when you decide to go out on your rv this is the master bedroom it was between max and i to see who would get it we flipped a coin i won it’s our max we got the privacy of this slider and we have the privacy of this sliding door now i don’t know about you guys but i’ve been finding the rv just a little too tight but wait there’s a solution let me show you this this is the coolest thing about the entire rv right here this magic button it’s like transformers in the real life speaking of transformers storyblocks allows you and me to transform our videos now look if you’ve been watching my youtube videos for a while now you already know that i use storyblocks but what you might not know is that i also use it on instagram from time to time and this is one of the projects where i actually challenge myself to use at least 10 shots from storyblocks now here’s the crazy thing i posted it on instagram and challenged people to guess which shots those were most people could not figure it out if you want access to over a million high quality cinematic and storytelling visuals then check out storyblocks with a super affordable subscription you can get unlimited downloads from their massive database of copyright free footage.

So if you want to maintain full monetization and ownership of your project and you want to take your visuals to the next level check out that link down below and get started with storyblocks today wow it’s so spacious it becomes huge so that whole bathroom area that you saw earlier is now massive you’ve got so much room that you can move around in the whole bedroom has gone from being just a tiny little bed space to being spacious you have all these cabinets it’s literally a mobile home i mean there’s no other way to put it you could live in here full time we’ve been traveling canada now for two weeks and this has been our best view to wake up to so far absolutely insane the rocky mountains a must visit destination here in canada and in the world i mean if you’re from anywhere you have to do a canada road trip for me this has been one of all of our top travels so far we’ve all said this is like one of the coolest ways to get around and one of the best destinations to do it this right here is the heating and the air conditioning once again you need the generator on but you can either run cold air or hot air and get your desired temperature here inside of the mobile home got a nice fan here but one thing to note we learned this the hard way we were in algonquin park and we left this open overnight and there was mosquitoes for days in that park and when we woke up we had maybe 50 mosquitoes inside the rv and the only thing we can figure is they came through one of these fans.

So if you’re gonna leave your fan open make sure you at least turn on the death blade that way only the toughest mosquitoes can make it through now i want to quickly show you something this is what we’re driving across canada in but this is what we were so close to crossing canada in and to be honest i’m really happy we’re not this is a volkswagen uh westfalia and this is kind of like the typical hippie van it’s very simple you have a pullout bed you’ve got small countertops and what makes this car so iconic is that the top actually pops up a little bit and it gives you kind of like this angled roof.

So it’s very iconic but by no means does it have the convenience that this car has odds are pretty good it would have broken down at least three times odds are pretty good we wouldn’t be able to hit the highway speeds because most of those cars just couldn’t handle it and it would have just been way more fatiguing to be on the road but here we are now three of us i should mention in this car it’s been two weeks in a bit and i feel fine i feel tired because we’re going hard every day but i could stay in here for another two weeks or another month.

So challenge number one of living in an rv has been for me work it’s been far from perfect join the van life they said you’ll be able to work you’ll be able to travel well i’m here to tell you you can basically only do travel working on the road is so freaking inefficient it’s so hard right now we are in a parking lot we’ve been here all day we’ve tried best buy we’ve tried walmart we’ve tried basically wi-fi at every single store and the best one is this itex systems computers by the way thank you even though it still sucks it’s really tough to work from the road and in canada especially we don’t have particularly good free public wi-fi’s if you’re somebody that relies on the internet especially for large files like photos and videos it can be pretty darn tough and i have to say i’m a bit disappointed because i always dreamed of this being something sustainable but from a worker’s perspective it’s not if you’re a person that gets dc pretty easily this is not for you because i’ve been trying to work on the road when christian is driving i’m sitting here always with my seat belt on and i just get.

So dizzy because everything is shaking so much is a nightmare a lot of first time drivers will be nervous to pick up their rv because they’ve simply never handled a big vehicle and that was me because before this i’ve driven a bunch of motorbikes and scooters but never in my life have i dealt with a big rig this is a 32 foot rv and the good thing is it’s not been that bad the only thing that i really would caution you is to take wide turns because the back wheel will sometimes catch an edge on the curb if you take too tight of a turn the only hard part guys is really backing up whenever i had to back up i would just ask max here if he could run to the back and scout me i would look through the rear view mirror and basically see him either telling me to come back further go further left go further right and that’s been my backup cam in fact your rv might even have a backup camera but this one does not so that’s been the only difficult part and i say difficult in quotation marks because it’s been really manageable there’s very few downsides to this whole lifestyle but there is one thing that also stood out it’s that if you’re not in a proper campsite then things like the black water the gray water tank and your fresh water are going to be filling up or running out within a couple to maybe three days tops if you’re using it you know a little bit.

So if you imagine yourself just parking out in the middle of nowhere for a week at a time it’s not really possible because you need to find somewhere to empty out your tank you’re going to need somewhere to get the fresh water now keep in mind there are three of us here so for two people it would be more conservative and she does have long hair she likes longer showers but there is a solution to long-term living in an rv and that is campgrounds an rv campground is a place where you can take your rv and park overnight and just have a more comfortable experience there are dumping stations you can plug your rv into electricity you can take off your chairs and make your own like dining outdoors station and even community like we saw some really beautiful rv camps along the way there’s such a lifestyle to it and it seemed really beautiful now i’ll show you around the outside of the rv when you stay in a campground or you have a house that you could plug into this is what you’re going to use.

So that you don’t need to run the generator and use a ton of gasoline which is obviously expensive so you take this plug it into this it’s got like this weird three prong yep twist it on and now you have this so if you’re just plugging into a house you would just put this adapter on and as you can see here it’s your standard plug this will give you 15 volts it’s not enough to power like the air con or the heating in the the rv but it’ll charge all your appliances it will allow you to use the microwave but if you go to an actual rv campsite then they’re gonna have something like this it’s a more rugged industrial plug this gives you 30 volts and then you can power the entire rv and it would be exactly as if the generator was running but using electricity which is going to be included in your stay at an rv campsite which from my research we haven’t done one yet should be around 40 to 60 dollars a night that’s canadian by the way.

So 30 to 50 us under here is where you keep the propane so for running the stove as well as the fridge the fridge also runs propane hands down my favorite part of this trip has been the ability to be right away from my living room my bathroom my bedroom and just be able to connect with nature my favorite thing in travel is going to incredible landscapes seeing wildlife and we’ve been able to experience all of that with the convenience of our home.

So that’s been the real game changer of traveling with an rv rv travel is particularly interesting right now because you don’t have to rely on hotels you can really reduce the amount of points of contact you have with other businesses you’re basically self-sustaining to some extent it gives you a lot more independence one extra thing that i’ve actually really loved too is the fact that when we’re done with our days like most people leave at sunset because they have to get home and they’ve got like two hours to get home or whatever we’re like taking our time we’re watching sunset we stay till the end and then when we get back to our car we’re the last ones in the parking lot at the park or whatever and then when we decide to drive or decide to stay that’s when all the wildlife comes out so we’ve seen a ton of incredible animals because they’re used to everyone leaving the parks and you know having it to themselves but we’re just there we’re hanging out we’ve seen foxes we’ve seen tons of deer we’ve seen moose it’s been really cool to be able to have that.

So we actually rented our rv from a company by the name of canadadream and i think they’re the biggest rv company in the country and the great thing about that is that you actually have multiple different offices where you can drop off your rv which allows you to drive the country one way and not have to drive back to return it it is time to go to our next destination and the truth is we don’t know where that is that’s the best thing about this just go wherever we want guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video i hope it encouraged you to get an rv rent one experience one it’s been such an awesome refreshing way to travel and i couldn’t recommend it more.

So if you enjoyed today’s video hit that like button if you want to see more content more from my face hit that subscribe button and check out the rv cross canada road trip playlist which will be linked down below let’s get lost again in the next one

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