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Today’s trip is off to an amazing start so we just have the nicest guy check us in huge thank you to Kenneth with our Canada like I got to say guys I travel a lot but every time I travel I always come back to this one place I come back to Canada and I’m always so grateful for the kindness of the people here and right now it’s about 5:30 5:45 we’re about to board our flight and where are we going Kathy we’re going to have why.

Wow I’m so excited I’ve been there once before and Mason here that’s my camera assistant Jamie was a little getting a little too old so Mason’s coming right Mason you got the Windex you find wasps skis parents I will send you to jail on my kid here I just realized I’m making today’s video quite patriotic with my sweater off to a good start here [Applause] Hawaii just got a whole lot better.

I’m actually so excited about this car yes and look at the license plates they got rainbows on him I almost bought a Jeep when I was getting my first car ever but the one I was trying out was not this nice it was falling apart decided not to get excessive was gonna fall apart how are we gonna feed our stuff I’m so excited I’ve actually never taken off a soft top before.

So I’m not quite sure how it works I also see a lot of rain clouds in the horizon it’s kind of weird weather it’s like very mild it’s beautiful out but there was rain last night a bit this morning you think we take it off no ten minutes later we have folded the whole thing back here is it water hey baby let’s do it we have just arrived at my favorite acai bowl place I know somebody’s gonna call me out if I don’t say this acai is actually not a Hawaiian meal it’s actually Brazilian why it’s Hawaiian ask is because it’s tropical it’s beautiful and it just has like that by the beach taste through it.

So I gotta say guys if you come to a wall this is the place to get it ask for the manifold extra honey your life will be made for the Kathi seal of approval for $31 I got my phone set up with two gigabytes a bunch of calling I got a phone number and now I can finally find my way around the island using Google Maps so I’m stoked on that we were thinking of going to do manoa falls but today it’s looking really rainy up in the mountains.

So we’re gonna avoid that region for now so we are off to Lanikai now it’s about thirty minutes away but I’m just excited to start cruising around in the Jeep straight ahead it is just gray as far as the eye can see.

Beach it is a crazy windy day it’s a little overcast but you can still see how beautiful this is I think right behind me is probably my dream home look like you’re walking in heaven maybe the only way you could have ended up with this guy right here next year guys I found the two little volcanoes from I lava you thanks Kathy well good – well the Vienna.

Billions games it’s saying don’t weigh rough because you’re gonna get hurt I want to go.

As far as hikes go in Hawaii this is definitely one of the easier ones but it’s cool because you still feel like you’re off a path you’re just climbing up the side of this beautiful mountain and right now the breeze is just rolling off feels like I’m in a giant wind tunnel I love it the Caribbean winds have followed us yeah.

So there’s one pill box here and then there’s another one just like probably another ten minutes away but we’re pretty much about to run late for something that I’m really excited about.

So we gotta head back down and I’m let’s just show you what we’re doing that is one of the strongest rainbows I have ever seen cathy has given me like five wrong turns I think so you can see the rainbow it all happened for easy I came across this corner and boom the Big Daddy of rainbows oh my gosh the rainbow leads to our B&B 15 minutes away till sunset gonna finish it off with what is okay it’s probably not a typical Hawaiian activity but when in Waikiki when in Honolulu you may as well try this out.

I reached out to one of the locals here and they kindly offered to show Kathy and I what they do for a business and it’s kind of a unique play on yoga meets paddleboarding meets Tokyo Drift you’ll see hi Kelsey I’m Christian nice to meet you she’s actually from Canada and you escape the cold you’ve moved here to awhile yes that’s awesome and you opened up a paddleboard even business here.

So how does it work what are we doing today so yoga floats is stand-up paddleboard yoga we drop anchor and then we do a floating yoga practice we have LED lights that we put on the bottom of the board are we gonna use them tonight yeah all right solid and look what Kathy brought this is how we’re gonna bring our camera out on the water bring out your shotguns get ready we’re going out in our LED paddle boards into Ala Moana MOA Ala Moana Beach and we’re gonna wanna so I’ve got my LED panel underneath my paddle board we’re like the Power Rangers.

Good morning Oh do we dare yes we know how to do at La Crosse no okay see okay that was better in like five seconds this is another local recommendation by my buddy Nolan who we will be meeting with later today you look at see the man himself what are you there’s Old Faithful the adventurer ‘mobile Dan you in there you scared is so good welcome back to the video I’ve been about a solid year since I last saw Dan and last time you were doing crazy backflips something I don’t know what it is but I get the feeling that won’t be the case on this trip not so much this time yeah a few a few less backflips yeah probably still could backflip if I need to do 10 no you’re not going right.

Now we’re gonna go to Manila Falls is that nearby that is nearby all right Sudan’s like by the way I could have brought a dog and I was like ah that’s cool like what kind of dog is like a little puppy pit mix we’ve turned the car around hey boo you got that pitbull face the big wide face this dog is only two months old when it’s full-grown it’s gonna be like built hops around smarter than you yeah I know I was gonna say the quickly look at all the chicken goodness even so.

We’ve just entered Manoa and I want to introduce you to Nolan if you guys watched my last ye series you might have seen him in a video or two but Nolan is born and raised here in Oahu you are the king of underwater photography and this is his girlfriend Linda I Linda this is so beautiful.

Oh not colorful not you feet of mangoes a defeat of mangoes yeah I have a mango back at the car for him to finish light like a fresh mango yeah well we froze it we picked it finally the three days ago that’s Hawaiian living right there my bangles are his favorite aren’t they yeah you like me go don’t you boo it’s starting to rain I’m ready you all ready I’m not though look at all those chickens I’m gonna drive.

I hope it’s right all right Jesse you had the keys last no you have two lives you had the qiblah have you even like okay have you checked in your purse yes I swear you have them laughs I think so we’ve been looking through everything Kathy I swear you had it laughs no because I asked you check it like did you check your coat pocket did you check your ID you have to last you will drive in okay check your pockets I’m checking mine like you put them well guys morale the story is don’t trust Cathy with your things she loses them but your hurry will keep bring me I had this wide open I know you will believe me I’m a nice girl I swear like Latinos would understand I swear to my mom that she had this is that like the most like that’s the most promise of all right yes where do you know yes.

So he’s an Iron Monkey Rosa what did you find them what do you mean we’re not fun of you forgot you had the way I think you make your next trip to visit me man yeah no that’s all I want just to meet up with friends that’s the goal friend Zoe see you Dan guys I hope you enjoyed our first Oahu travel vlog make sure to hit that Bell button so that you’re notified when part two is posted and guys let’s get lost again in the next one.

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