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Traveling with a Subscriber to Malaysia

Traveling with a Subscriber to Malaysia

So one month ago team get lost hit their biggest milestone yet 1 million subscribers on YouTube now that could not have been made possible without you without you and definitely not without you and so in a very small way I wanted to give back to the community and one of the ways I wanted to do that was to invite one of you to come and travel with me to see the behind the scenes to the production to experience a few days out of your country on the road with me and so if you watch my 1 million subscriber video you’ll know that the way to enter into this was basically to tag lost Leblanc on Instagram and let me know why you deserve to be the one to travel with me and lm Christian and kit see how you guys doing.

My name is Agustin the troupe with you guys once in a lifetime opportunity it get over from everything especially the school I’m an aspiring shovel on myself and plan on doing it after school I volunteer to start earlier than that but I’m lucky the resources right now on Christian congratulations and I want Mina subscribe with me you to tell you if you come along next up to media these are guys after reviewing what feels like several hundred submissions I saw so many amazing people that deserve to be on this trip with me but I could only choose one and so the winner is just getting ready for a quick chat.

So let’s do this hey what’s up man I’m doing good dude are you first of all dude congratulations you are gonna be coming with me on an all-expense-paid trip I’m super super excited and we’re gonna get to know each other that’s good dude I’m excited to share a totally new destination with you and it’s actually a place that I’ve never been to as well does that work for you to leave as soon as Tuesday that’s literally six days away it’s gonna be awesome I’ll get it all planned and I’ll see you in less than a week I’m.

I’m so excited I’ll fast forward about five and a half days from now and I will see you on our way to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia all right guys we have arrived here in Kuala Lumpur only about 20 minutes earlier than agustin so he’ll be walking through those doors any second now super excited so I was sitting there waiting and I was like where is he and then all of a sudden I get a message is like I’m here in the international arrivals hall it was like well that’s where I am so we start sending photos to each other turns out we’re in different terminals so that’s why we haven’t found each other so I’m gonna have to take a train now there’s a train that connects the two terminals and the next one leaves in ten minutes and they run every 30 minutes.

So I only miss that so I just arrived on the other side and I see some really tall looking dreads I think we have a Gustin yo dude alright guys here he is all the way from Turkey now in Kuala Lumpur this is Augustin and I’m so excited dude we’re gonna have an amazing three days ahead of us and so he has not slept really that much for a few hours but yeah he’s close to 23 hours by the time we get to our hotel so I feel for you I’ve been there many times who’s our train train has arrived okay.

So I just asked him what did you have like did you let your parents know that you’ve arrived he’s like yeah my mom was kind of skeptical she think who’s giving you a free trip I’m like you say YouTube way different less youtube but is it Shambhala like why are you giving you a free trip what have you done I’m like nothing is in the video like and like white way to give me a free trip explain to our oppa I get like subscribe for this she think it was like a scammer you’re getting she told me she was like you know that’s the show like you’re going to do to my little as you like people get kidnapped there people go but just disappear on the air relax.

Alright guys this is how far you can stretch money when it comes to accommodations here in Kuala Lumpur so eighty dollars maybe about 85 US dollars a night gets you a pretty much pimping double deluxe penthouse and so this is the master room here it’s got an amazing workspace which with our travel itinerary we do not have time to do what do you think men yes it’ll do lick it yeah well I know that I am tired and I’ve only traveled three hours he’s traveled like basically what would feel like a day and a half night number one off to a good start I will see you in the morning that’s when the Charles really begin.

Good morning guys it is day number one here and we’re currently on our way to go get some breakfast a nice coffee to start our day I was doing a bit of research watching a friend’s YouTube video Erwin and you did the food gut 2kl so we’re gonna head to one of his favorite spots now from where we are right now I’m actually really surprised by how beautiful the city it’s you feel like you’re inside of a rain forest and the urban buildings have just been built in the middle of it I love that they preserve so much of the greenery here but definitely very humid this morning as it probably is most.

Okay guys so we’ve just arrived here at our first really cool spot and so we took a four dollar taxi it was like 15-20 minutes guys I really don’t understand this is so crazy how this mountain is just freakin here it’s like literally just been somebody dropped to here in the middle of nowhere you bring your your hiking shoes.

So Malaysia is a cultural melting pot it’s got Chinese Indian and Malay and so you’ll see this very colorful architecture here it’s actually a Hindu site the avoiding eye contact nope no it’s crazy like we were just saying how this entire mountain feels like it’s man-made because it’s so perfectly developed to be a staircase to the top and then at the top of the mountain you’ve got this natural opening above you it’s so beautiful yeah it’s insane we’ve got waterfalls going on of our own here it’s so humid with a backpack pants bad cough well we are heading back down now it’s about a 10 15 minute hike up depending on your athleticism in our case we had a few delays like getting attacked by monkey so we added a little bit of time to ours and yeah it’s pretty cool it’s free to get in so you’ll definitely have to come check it it’s very slippery too you definitely come check it out if you’re in Malaysia well you may think I’m a master tour guide I make mistakes too and today I made a bit of a big one we are about 40 minutes into a taxi ride down to sky mirror which is this beautiful place that looks a bit like Bolivia when you got that beautiful reflection of the skies you see it in the sand and in the water it’s like absolutely mind-blowing now what I didn’t realize is there’s really only two days of the month where it happens because of the lunar tides or whatever and I also didn’t realize that they leave at 10 a.m.

So for two reasons today was not the time to go I kind of messed up – you don’t travel with me okay you were better off in Turkey so we’re going back and we’re gonna do the next thing in camp we have arrived here at the Petronas Towers but trying to find them I haven’t seen them there there not right there in 2004 was the tallest building in the entire world since then there’s a few that have surpassed it but this is still the world’s tallest wind tower kind of interesting have you ever seen a building that’s all nope no first time in a beauty like this I wanted to build up the suspense a bit of excitement for this here visit to the top so that’s why we’re not gonna go in just yet there’s a two-hour wait so we’ll come back at 4:30 but good things come to those who wait we’re.

Now going to Lotte 10:1 tongue food court and I’m really excited to try it out because I know a little bit about Malaysian food I know I love it and I definitely want to experience more of it so let’s go get some cheap and delicious food we’re having some times in our it starts you to the trip but that’s okay that’s why we have three days but the first half of day one has been a bit of a chaotic mess so everything we were trying to do is not going according to plan I watched YouTube video that said come to LA 10-4 Malaysian dishes apparently they only have Japanese so I’m not gonna have Japanese but I just came from Japan that’s good as the food is we want to find some Malaysian dishes and now we’re going to pavilion mall let’s see what can go wrong this time is it okay if I use this song for you – yeah you won’t copyright claim me okay thanks man keep practicing this is the situation we have a lot of food here in the food court and a lot of people will eat in malls it’s very common in most of Southeast Asia to go to a mall to get some really awesome food so this one here is a chicken pan meat curry and this is about four u.s.

Dollars this is a Tom Yum on me which is about three dollars and I think Tom Yum is actually Thai food but you’ll see they have a lot in common the Malay and the Thai dishes so the Malaysians love spice and the curry noodle the patent II is so delicious I love the spicy kick to it I haven’t tried the Tom Yum yet but we’re both in agreement that this fried chicken to fit out of this world so this is part of bukit bintang and this is the more commercial side where you’ve got like all the high-end designers you’ve got here the pavilion mall a massive mountain mall and it’s now almost 4:30 which means that we’re just about ready to go off to the top of the Petronas Towers I was like dude you drop the bow down.

So it’s a trm to get up here which is about 20 US dollars per person but if you’re not sure if it’s worth the value let me show you why you need to come to the top I’m buying the magnet can you so we don’t have enough money we want to split it can you cut it in half that way he can we can keep me and I can keep this there’s two towers and two of two people oh you just cut it in right down the middle say goodbye to the bridge bye to the bridge now the world’s tallest twin tower is a couple of tall single towers that is how you budget travel.

Yeah I think this is the number one thing you need to do if you’re gonna stay in KL is to get yourself a place that has access to a rooftop pool and here this Airbnb style place is up top it is unbelievable we’re overlooking the Petronas Towers.

We’ve arrived in Jalan Alor and for all you backpackers out there rejoice because this is the no frills no fancies this is where you’ll find some of the cheap good food here in Malaysia you got Chinese a bit of Malay and we’re just gonna wander see what we can find.

Loud there are a lot of smells a lot of good food a lot of salesmen – definitely a really cool spot oh my gosh she goes on forever my gosh somebody cop knows what he go up oh yeah good do you cook as well yes so it looks like it’s like a condensed milk here and so it’s like super creases it lightning hey oh yeah he’s getting his fare smells of durian the wind’s blowing it this way and it’s the worst smell yeah they compared it to the texture of like humans flesh like skin.

So you need to try it jimson yeah we got to get some you never had them son they’re not gonna watch it is it sweet salty with like salty with like meat interior did I do one chicken yeah two chicken one two pork could we get one pork bun thank you the duck is on page 46 of the menu section 12 article 2 this is a huge menu I feel like I’m picking up the Encyclopedia of food whether they can perform on all these meals well I don’t know but I definitely feel like some Peking Duck cheers Cheers.

So the food has arrived we’ve got a couple of Tiger beers some good company and Tiger is the Malay beer the big one here that rhymes I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it you will have people trying to sliced up over dinner which isn’t always pleasant but for me to come here once in a while to see one of the livelier spots here in KL is definitely a must very very spot we got to leave in five hours yeah good night and good night to you guys see you in five hours won’t be enough sleep but that’s how it goes sometimes

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