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How to TRAVEL PARIS in 12 HOURS - Layover Travel Guide

How to TRAVEL PARIS in 12 HOURS – Layover Travel Guide

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– Bienvenue a Paris, The City of Love. And guys, today we’re going to show you how to make the most of 12 hours in Paris. A single day, whether it’s a layover or a weekend trip, we’re going to show you how you can cram so many amazing things into a single day. So, let’s get started. (upbeat music) – Bonjour – Bonjour (speaking foreign language) And welcome to a beautiful day here in Paris.

If you’re like us, you’ll be starting your day around 8 o’clock for a sunrise over the city. Sacre-coeur will be a great place to start your morning because it’s position up on the hill will give you a beautiful sunrise over Paris.

– You’ve got a view over the city from side to side. One of the best ways to give you the best insight here on Paris, is to of course get a locals insight. And this here, is Loic.

– Bonjour – And Loic is from Paris. This is one of the spots he’s shown us right here. This little view at the side of Sacre-coeur, beautiful photo spot. – The sun has just risen, we beat the crowds, we got a good start to our day. So right now we’re going down this extremely beautiful Parisian street called Abbesses.

And Loic was just telling me that a lot of Amelie was filmed here which is a famous, famous film. It’s so picturesque. Bienvenue Le Grenier a Pain. So Paris is just filled with places like this where you’ve got jams, you’ve got Nutellas, you’ve got Croissants. For the three of us to get a light breakfast, we’re looking at 6 Euros, so overall, pretty affordable, but it’s not a ton of food.

To get to our next stop, we’ve got an Uber set up. I’m about to get swarmed by pigeons here.

And we’ve already made it to Louvre (upbeat music) – Are you excited? – I have wanted to see this for the longest time. – La Mona Lisa.

And this may look a little crazy here, but this is like the quietest you’ll ever catch it. Every other time I’ve been here, the crowds have been all the way, like, half way through this room here. – Let’s get a little bit philosophical. Why is she smiling? – I don’t know.

– Why is she smiling? Who knows? – Le Louvre is the biggest museum in the world, with around 380,000 pieces of art. It would take you 100 days to see it all if you spent 30 seconds on each piece of art.

Not a great idea for a single day here in Paris.

Le Louvre was actually a fortress built in the 1100’s and was later turned into the royal palace of Paris. And from there, it later became the museum that you see here today. The detail, the grandeur of it all. Like, everywhere you turn. I feel like he’s, like, considering painting me, you know?

Do you feel that? – Yeah – Do you feel that? – Yeah, it’s intimidating. – Do you think he sells his presets? (laughter) That was only one side of the Louvre.

It is so massive. The outside of the Louvre is also another beautiful spot with the beautiful pyramid. You could easily spend an entire day here, but as you guys know, this is 24 hours in Paris, not 100 days in Paris.

For today, we gotta keep this train rolling. The Louvre is falling apart!

I’m the only thing holding it up! (laughter) (upbeat music) So we have just left the Louvre, right behind us there. We’ve got about a 15 minute walk to get to Pont des Arts, right along the Seine River. And the nice thing is this itinerary, whether you’re doing it in the summer or the winter, it really doesn’t make any difference. This is pretty much a year round activity list.

This bridge actually used to be the love bridge. It was the bridge where couples would come to attach a love lock to let each other know that their love would never fade. That was of course until they removed the chain link fence, which was supposedly because the locks where becoming dangerously heavy. So, it’s official to say, love is dead.

We got into a taxi and about 15 minutes later we where dropped off here at Rue Cremieux.

It’s just a single lane way but it’s extremely colorful, on all corners of the street here. You’ve got all these beautiful turquoises, light greens, basically all these pastel colors. Yeah. Beautiful hey? – Yeah, very nice.

(upbeat music) – The name of the game today is speed so we just found a random little baguette shop on the side of the road and we’re ready to go with our lunch.

And ill be showing you how we’re getting around paris today, because we’re gonna be doing it on two wheels. Welcome to paris and this is my ride. For 38.5 euros for the day this can be your ride as well it’s a 125cc scooter and the great thing about it is, it cuts through traffic if you know how to drive one.

– I’m ready. (scooters revving) – We can just park here? – Yes. – Free? – For free.

– That’s how I like to do it. (electronic music) so this is the Notre-Dame, one of the most popular tourist attractions here in Paris but we’re not going to be spending any time going in there. Now as you guys know the Notre-Dame is absolutely beautiful. It’s one of the most popular things to do here in Paris, but we only have 24 hours. I actually used to live in there so I’m not going to spend any more time in there than I need to.

Let’s go on to the next place. – I was thinking you were the gargoyle. (laughs) – Now, as you guys may have noticed, today’s video has been incredibly rushed.

We’ve been trying to do all of Paris within a matter of 12 hours. So things like time lapses, drone shots getting the permits to fly a drone in Paris.

Are basically all impossible to do in such a short period of time. And that is where today’s video sponsor is such a game changer. I wanna share with you guys, Storyblocks. They have been part of my YouTube magic for the past almost six or seven months. What story blocks does, is it basically gives you access to an incredible, unlimited use, copyright free library of footage.

That you can use in your YouTube videos. So, whether you’re a commentary channel, travel channel, beauty channel. Or really any kind of channel. You have access to a plethora of different shots that help you tell a better visual story, and allow you to make more captivating videos for your audience. Once you’re part of the monthly subscription, you will have the ability to use that footage anywhere you want and it’s all at a very reasonable price.

So, a huge thank you to Storyblocks for sponsoring today’s video. If you guys wanna check it out, the link is just below. And I highly recommend it. So, let’s get back to the video. (upbeat music) So far, my favorite thing to do in Paris has just been taking around the scooter it’s so much fun ripping around on these Parisian streets.

And this is a beautiful beautiful bridge which will bring us right over to what used to be Napoleon’s palace. And so this is called Les Invalides. – Les Invalides was a military hospital for the disabled people actually.

– Napoleon, the former emperor of France one of the famous conquerors that took over so many other nations. He was very well known for going to war.

He is buried right here, in the Musee de l’Armee. But that’s all you’re gonna see from it here on our quick trip today. So, on to the next thing we go. (engines) What I’m really loving about the rental is it came with gloves, it actually comes with this. If you’re unlucky and it rains, stay dry no matter what the conditions are.

Like, I have to say for 38 euros to be able to get around in this. If you only have one day in Paris do not rent a car, you’re gonna spend half your day trying to park the thing. They had like 10 euro eBikes so I’m not sure what the distance are on those, but anyways there’s really affordable and fast ways to get around the city. But if you you’re not comfortable on two wheels Uber is also a good option, it’s cheaper than taxis. Also, you have a ton of room under here, and we can fit both helmets in there.

But we are now in Champs Elysees. And this is the beautiful shopping street which leads all the way up to the Arc de Triomphe. To be honest I’ve heard from many Parisians that this is not exactly a place that they would come, but today’s videos not really designed for a Parisian, it’s made for somebody who wants to see the highlights of Paris. Even if they are somewhat more touristy highlights. One of those things that Katy was very excited about is, a macaron!

– Mmmm oui, (speaking foreign language) – Where are we going? – Laduree. – Laudere? Laudere? – Laduree.

– Laduree. – Laduree. – Laduree, Laduree. (mumbles) the desserts are amazing, – Have you been here before? – Yeahh.

– I let Katy order, she so kindly ordered me three macarons, a hot chocolate, thank you very much Katy and she even ordered me a raspberry tart pastry thingy. What did you get for yourself? – I got a salad. – Oh that’s, good for you looking out for yourself. thank you very much Katy.

And the final piece, my french toast. With chocolate ice cream and bananas. (upbeat music) This is so good. – It’s amazing. It’s my top.

– This is like actual melted chocolate, – It’s amazing. – It’s very good. I don’t think I could drink the whole thing actually it’s very rich, but I’m glad we’re splitting it. So this is what Laduree is actually known for, is their macarons. Did you say they were the first to invent the double sided?

– Okay, so this is the story. Macarons are from Italy, but a queen brought them to Paris. But they where just little cookies, so just this and then two nuns came from Italy and they starter making them eeper popular and everybody was buying this. – Okay.

– But then Laduree say like, hey what happens if we take two macarons and we make it a sandwich.

And this is the result. – The little burgers. – And that’s how they got very very famous. – Little dessert burgers. For the most part we’ve done everything pretty budget today.

It’s been a fairly affordable day, but this here is definitely a bit more on the pricey side. So dessert was about 50 euros, I’ve no complaints, it was worth it. For a nice little dessert break. Got a bit of energy back in us, and now we’re off to show you our final destination of the day. (upbeat music) This sunset is just going off, it’s so beautiful right now.

I know it’s going to be hard to guess guys but can you imagine what our final spot here in Paris could be today? It’s right here! Now if you guys aren’t familiar with this this is Le Tour Eiffel, Eiffel Tower and she is looking glorious tonight. It’s 6:30pm we have 30 minutes to return our bike but let’s make sure we return this bike before the shop closes.

Just dropped the bike back at Louer Une Moto.

It reminds me a lot of riding a bike in Bangkok, the bikes just flow with the traffic they’re cutting in between, they’re going around corners. It’s really fast, it’s really efficient. And it makes it a lot more fun to get around the city. So if you’re comfortable on two wheels, this has been an awesome spot to do it and the rates are very affordable. – I’m so tired.

– But we’re not done yet, we’re hitting a wall right now, we’ve been eating sugary breads, hot chocolates but Paris is a place known for foods so Loic has recommended us a place that’s known for homemade food doesn’t have a huge selection he said, but you know you’re gonna get good food with everything that you choose.

So, it’s got that very homey touch. Where is is? – Here. (laughs) (jazzy music) (speaking foreign language) (clinking) (speaking foreign language) – This lentil soup, 10 out of 10 I don’t think I’ve ever had lentil soup before but try tried something new today it’s so good.

– Oh my gosh, exquisite. – Bon appetit, alright guys so we just finished up dinner here dessert, three courses, just like so good. Atelier Ramey is the name of it. And if you’re staying in Montmarte and you don’t mind spending about 40 euros per person to get yourself an incredible meal then this is the place to do it. I really loved my meal tonight, Merci beaucoup Loic!

– Merci – This is the way to see Paris.

You gotta see it with a local, guys check him out his Instagram is gonna be linked down below. So it’s a really really awesome account if you wanna see some Paris inspo, find out some cool places to go, check it out. Till next time. – Thank you yes.

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And I post every Saturday and that’s gonna be the end of the plug.

So guys as always, let’s get lost again in the next one. – Team Get Lost, we all know about the copyright situation with YouTube so we would like to say goodbye to you with a very iconic song from Paris. So Christian and I are going to sing it. Okay? One two three.

And you will see the credits, like the next video and the subscribe button. (singing).

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