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Singapore Travel Guide - City of the Future

Singapore Travel Guide – City of the Future

Welcome to the urban jungle the city of the future or the food capital of Southeast Asia over my four days in Singapore I’ll be showing you around giving you a rough pricing guide and some of the top activities to do when you come and visit but to start today’s video.

I boarded a Cebu Pacific flight flying directly from Cebu City in the Philippines all the way to Singapore landing at what is the world’s number one Airport arrived here at the Changi Airport it’s been rated the number one airport in the world and for good reason wasn’t a long flight but it feels like it because of the long layover in Cebu I’ve been basically traveling since 8:00 a.m. it’s been there right now and boom first luggage here we go so let’s talk a little bit about the pricing the first thing you should know is that.

Singapore is not cheap it’s easily one of the most expensive countries in Southeast Asia and you should probably budget about a hundred and fifteen US dollars per day beautiful what’s up guys and welcome to my beautiful suite I want to give you a little bit of a tour of the place I’ll be staying the next two days if you couldn’t hear to my voice I’m dealing with pretty bad cold actually this right here is the incredibly newly renovated signature suite here at the Swiss hotel beautiful clean modern and if you come out.

Here I’ll show you what I’m most excited about check out this view like traveling anywhere in the world you can always find ways to save money more middle of the run hostel private room experiences will range anywhere from 25 to 40 US a night you should probably expect to be spending around 25 a day on food and if you decide to go out just be warned that it’s actually very expensive the government levy some pretty heavy taxes on alcohol and this will definitely translate into an expensive night out in Singapore it’s so green it’s so futuristic like half of the buildings here look like they’re from like 2050 the architecture is just mind-blowing and my view from the suite.

Here is a panoramic view I can even see the massive like London high style ferris wheel right there we got a couple of pools some tennis courts the city so right now I’m actually heading outside I’m gonna catch a sunset here and this is one of the must-see things if you come to Singapore so let’s go check it out so right here is the beautiful and iconic waterfront area right behind me you’ve got that very recognizable 3 tower with the boat on top it’s known as the Marina Bay Sands you know it’s beautiful and on this side of the waterfront is something that you definitely check out.

This is the merlion it’s like a merman but it’s a lion meets a mermaid it’s beautiful they had a baby his name was Franklin and he lives here there is so this next piece of advice is crucial if you come to the merlion you need to get a shot let me just show you what I’m gonna get now I’m traveling alone right now so I need to ask someone very awkwardly if they can hold this camera for me thank you very much and if you’re like me and you don’t want to deal with the crowds you can come see the baby Merline also known as Sherman there is thank you very much.

So guys check this out it’s got a second life by night the ferris wheel the mall the entire downtown cityscape right behind moi ICI look at that this is definitely the go-to spot for at least one of your evenings here in Singapore now there’s actually four major cultures here in Singapore there’s Chinese the Malaysians the Indians and then there’s also the Eurasian.

So Europeans Singapore is a very diverse country and with that being said I’m gonna be trying out some Indian food tonight get a very cultural and authentic meal here oh my gosh my voice is just running away from me I just helped myself to a beautiful butter chicken I also asked for some naan bread but she told me they have none of it left I’m just playing I got garlic naan bread now if you’ve come to Singapore in hopes of doing some shopping you’re in luck everything from fine European luxuries to trendy Asian culture it’s all found right here on this street so I’ve just arrived here at Orchard Road.

This is one of the main shopping hubs here in Singapore and I’ve actually come all the way here for a very particular dessert but check this out it’s pretty crazy it’s a blizzard yeah I hate what I get stuck in the story now how did they carry everything that’s ever been made by mankind well it’s done by having nine to ten shopping centers all along this one street here it’s a little ridiculous even if you’re not looking to do some real shopping this is actually a pretty cool place to get some dinner desserts and drinks good morning guys I am just waking up here getting my day started heading out from the Swiss hotel about one kilometer away is our first stop of the day we’re going to a place by the name of Lane.

So one thing you’ll notice is how clean the sidewalks are because the penalty is here or pretty much committing any crime or any public mal doing is very very severe so if you’re caught littering I’ve heard on the first infraction $2,000 like no question asked that’s like $1500 us just for littering now if you get caught doing it a second time the fine goes up and you have to do community service even jaywalking is a really big deal here Singapore has managed their traffic the best they’ve got incredible public transportation and they highly tax people for using the roadways so that actually encourages people to either use public transport find other ways of getting around essentially because to drive a car in Singapore it’s very expensive.

All right so we have just arrived here at Lane and as you can see behind me there’s some really cool graffiti on the wall here laneways actually right over here let’s go have a look Lane is this really trendy street full of different coffee shops places to get drinks awesome lunches and dinners this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever come across oh my gosh it’s Suspiria you can bring your face on your coffee and even have props salted caramel there it is Debbie Jackson with prema taking a selfie with myself so for Lu he gets his stick little coffee drinkers come on over here get yourself a selfie copy.

Well darn just dropped a lot of money to buy this car and it broke down guess I’ll just leave it here whatever I got lots of money you guys can have it it’s fine don’t eat it we’re gonna be checking out one of the hubs for all that is Indian culture that has been established here in Singapore right up to that we’re gonna go to Chinatown to be completely honest I didn’t find anything overly noteworthy in the Indian side of Singapore but I’m sure there’s definitely some worthwhile things to see and do and who can say no to an incredible Indian meal look at how I see these are.

So one thing I will say is I’ve never had such a hard time in my entire life trying to get a taxi ass here in Singapore every single taxi is busy I don’t understand it and then I’ve tried using uber and uber is not good at all like that has been a bit of a surprise actually getting around here has been a bit challenging or at least you have to be patient it’s possible when you’re in nuber or the taxi things move pretty fast but it’s getting that taxi it’s a challenge.

Well guys this is Chinatown this is one of the main streets where you can find everything from Chinese food to right now I’m actually gonna be meeting with one of my good friends who’s twins identity in Singapore at the exact same time as I am I’m gonna be meeting up with him and his girlfriend if I can find them in the sea if target has been safe and let’s just say the dumplings definitely lived up to expectations I’ve always said if there was any friend of mine who had a vlog it would be this guy Brahms started a vlog which is crazy he’s been travelling now for how long two months two and a half maybe and you got four left world’s my oyster at this point guys so right here this is one of the temples that you can see in Chinatown as you can see it’s Chinese it smells good in here incense lavender.

And now we’re gonna head off to what is easily the most iconic site here in Singapore we’re now going back to like where Marina Bay Sands is because behind it is a giant metal garden where you can get some incredible views I think the best time to goes like around sunset so we got a hurry-up legend don’t work harder work smarter but apparently I didn’t know how to use the GPS note itself be more careful when putting the location on Hoover we’ve taken the uber to the wrong Park.

Okay I found it it’s over there across the river I can see the metal trees there they are yeah we went to the wrong side bro so welcome to Gardens by the bag as you can see they’re actually decking it out with Christmas decorations so it’ll be a kind of a unique twist on the very iconic site here in Singapore in total it’s gonna be about 50 US dollars to have both domes and to have the tree walkway this definitely is one of the must-see things here in Singapore miss us and today I have feelings it’s hard to find that men these days.

We ended up paying for both domes but to be honest we rushed through the flower dome and I didn’t really have much to say about it it would have been just better to pay for the waterfall dome which is known as cloud forest little cost-saving tip if you’re on a budget this leg doesn’t look real it’s like a yellow tips leaf this is Singapore so here comes the mist.

Right now we’re on the seventh floor this is cloud walk and we are right above the entire cloud temple Kingdom dome whatever you want to call it I could see the Opera House the ferris wheel and over here you get an incredible garden underneath a glass dome so beautiful I’ve never seen anything like this I’m a third wheel here today after the Sun had set it was time to go outside and check out the gardens by the bay and check out the incredible light show I think we came here at the right time of the year the Christmas carol is going maybe a couple of presents.

Yeah I think you’ve got the biggest present of all it’s me pretty big lineup here to get up there whoo here we go lines on lines on lines but we’re finally here it’s time to go up well we’re pretty high figuratively it’s time for the light show oh my gosh oh my gosh this city is so free see you tomorrow okay bye guys if you’re traveling Singapore with a bigger budget I have to say this is definitely one of the cities that has the finer things in life all in one place incredible six star dining six star hotels if you’ve got the money you’ll definitely enjoy some pretty extravagant things here.

So right now I’m on top of the Swiss hotel Stamford location and this used to be Southeast Asia’s tallest building up to the beginning of like the 90s and as you can see here a full incredible 360 degrees this is 226 meters up 73 floors it’s absolutely incredible today is not the clearest sky day but you still get a really beautiful advantage of all of Singapore I’ve shown you guys the cool tourist attractions now I want to show you one of the main things to do here in Singapore and that is the food as I mentioned Singapore is pretty much like the food capital of all of Southeast Asia.

Today we’re gonna be checking out young Bao to market it’s right here behind me and the amazing staff at the Swiss hotel we’re giving me tons of advice on things that I need to order to really experience Singaporean food that’s the first thing of the day fried carrot cake and you okay guys so here we go this is a Singaporean carrot cake it’s so different than what we’re used to back home this is not a sweet dessert this is like a savory spicy meal with like egg and some sort of a bread the breads really like squishy and almost like a gelatin it’s very different but I kind of like it alright we’re gonna get some fried quiet feeling so I got myself a serving here for two dollars and fifty cents and this here is like noodles with a bit of a dark sauce let’s try dough really good it’s very traditional.

I think Chinese cooking and overall I like it a little bit of a sample this is lor Ark and it’s basically braised duck with rice I’m pretty positive I’m going to love this one and then I also got a traditional drink here in Singapore or at least the Chinese side of things this here is sugar cane water but I highly recommend if you’re coming to Singapore push yourself to try those new things with my final moments in Singapore I went and checked out this place right here.

So right now I’m at Clarke Quay from my understanding these are essentially old warehouses that were converted into a really beautiful spot to come and get some food some coffee I guess today is the one day of the week that it’s closed because there’s nobody else here but definitely a cool spots can get some photos and hangouts very very beautiful so what are my final thoughts on Singapore this is a beautiful city of the future there’s truly nothing like it in the world.

And I highly recommend that anyone would take a couple days to come and see it everything here is efficient orderly and clean it can be especially refreshing after spending several weeks in certain parts of Southeast Asia where things like traffic and Internet become a little more challenging this is definitely a city that I see myself coming back to very soon alright guys that is the end of my guide to Singapore.

I hope you liked it and if you did it would be awesome if you join the channel click that subscribe button right up there get notified when new videos like this are posted if you’re coming to Southeast Asia I have guides to Thailand to the Philippines and many more guides in Southeast Asia coming so make sure to check the link down below if you’re going to any and let’s get lost again to the next one.

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