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Review of the Hilton Garden Hotel, London Heathrow Airport

Review of the Hilton Garden Hotel, London Heathrow Airport T2/3 – Video

Hi there, being a world famous travel YouTuber, sorry i’m being sarcastic,  i’m in and out of London Heathrow airport all the time so i thought i’d  take the opportunity to review my go-to on-site airport hotel.  Now it’s only fair i do this after i dissed the Terminal 3 Aerotel in my last video.

So today we are visiting the London Heathrow airport on-site transit hotel in Terminal 2.

The  Heathrow Hilton Garden

located next to terminal 2 this is virtually a brand new hotel built in  2019 it features 369 rooms and suites over 13 floors the hotel has an in-house restaurant two bars and a fitness center and the hotel is rated at four stars unlike most hotels at Heathrow airport which are located off the airport site and need a 20-minute bus or taxi transfer to reach the hilton garden is located in the central terminal 2-3 hub it is one of the two transit hotels in the central hub the other being the terminal 3 Aerotel you can watch if you want my not particularly complimentary review of this hotel on the link i’ve provided there are also separate hotels on site at terminal 4 and terminal enough intro let’s get boots onto the ground and go and tour this hotel.

So firstly looking at getting to the hotel unlike the terminal three Aerotel which is right next to the customs access in t3 arrivals getting to the Hilton will require a bit of leg work but not much i arrived in terminal 3 from JFK New York and it took me about 15 minutes to get to the hotel once i’ve cleared customs.

This is a very shortened Visualisation of that route  there is a network of subterranean walkways under your throat and this route applies if you are  arriving by Heathrow express train or from another terminal just follow the signs for terminal 2.  you’ll almost certainly need to take a elevator up to level 1 arrivals at terminal 2 arrivals stay outside on the external concourse  and then follow signs for either the hotel itself or car park 2.  strangely enough the closer you get to the hotel the better the signage gets you will need to cut  through car park 2 valley parking area where you will locate the Hilton pedestrian skywalk  follow the skywalk about 50 to 80 meters and you’ll find the lobby entrance and here we are in the lobby as you can see it’s quite spacious  with numerous comfortable seating areas an ATM and a concession my check-in was efficient  and the customer service was absolutely excellent completely unlike the t3 air retail  well by stage quarter fate i found myself back in London Heathrow airport in another transit hotel  staying for the night and the reason for that is i’ve just had a long tiresome journey from  New York JFK i’ve arrived much later than i was expecting on a Sunday night and i really  can’t face the transit onwards to get my home address which would get me home really early  in the morning.

So we’re going to stay here at London Heathrow airport on site again  so if you’ve watched my other video on the Aerotel transit hotel at Heathrow you’ll see that i wasn’t  too impressed with that so this is the second trans hotel the Hilton.

Big point here is the  transit hotels are both situated on the airport site the mainstream hotels obviously there are  a number are situated along the a4 and you need to get a bus to get to those or a taxi this one  you can walk straight into from the arrivals hall so having looked at the air hotel this is now the  hilton garden hotel terminal 2. it is a transit hotel.

So temper your judgment with that you’re not  going to find a lot of facilities on the transfer hotel that you would find in a mainstream hotel  it is run by the hilton group.

So i’m expecting better things in the air to tell  but a quick point to make to you if you watch this video and you’re coming from abroad  and you want someone to stay having arrived Heathrow and you’ll transfer on to another country  using your Heathrow hub then this hotel’s not for you unless you want to go through passport control  this is not an airside transit hotel it’s off security.

So you need to go through passport and  customs to get to the hotel so that’s a bit of a dissuader for people who are in transit you can  still do it there’s nothing to stop you coming through the uk border unless you don’t have a  visa that would allow you to do so but we digress so how does this hotel compare to the air hotel  i mean they’re very similarly 300 meters apart and are the facilities better so what we’ll do  with this review is since we’re in my room now we’ll do a room review and then we’ll go for  a wander around and look at the facilities and finally have a beer in the bar before it closes  yes unlike the air hotel this actually has a proper baths which is music to my ears after seven  hours on an aircraft over the Atlantic.

So let’s start with their interested tour and let’s go my room is a standard king room in the Hilton garden the first point i want to  make is the size of it this is a trans hotel but the rooms are quite spacious and not that  dissimilar from mainstream Hilton hotel rooms for entertainment you’re provided with a 40 inch lcd  tv with uk cable channels and some international channels you get the standard rudimentary hotel  coffee making facilities and a work desk you also get high speed wi-fi which is absolutely excellent  you also have a refrigerator for drinks i’m not sure that’s much use  either trans hotel but i’m not complaining there’s also a coffee table and an armchair there is no storage in the room per se but you do get an area for your luggage which is adequate  the bed i can confirm is firm but comfortable no complaints there and next to the bed is a small  hotel safe for your valuables you’re right next to a busy runway but you can rest  assured that the room is completely soundproof.

So you won’t hear a thing  unlike the terminal 3 error tell you do get a window and you could actually pay  extra for high room with a runway view but my view is sadly of the t2 car park if the rooms themselves are similar to standard sized Hilton hotel rooms  then the bathrooms certainly are not this isn’t the complaint this is a transit hotel remember  but you get a shower cubicle a toilet and a sink and that’s it if you’re a couple then you’re gonna  need to take turns using the bathroom because both for you will struggle to fit in here in fact  I’ve had it hard to film here on my own hence the poor standard of footage for the bathroom so that’s the hotel room to a dumb well now for my standard hotel routine which is to go for a beer  so I’m going to need an elevator down to level one The Hilton garden has two bars on level one is the apron bar which is the main bath hotel and  serves as a standard lobby bar that you find in most hotels however a bonus is that on level 30 is  the runway bar this is a high-end bar with scenic views across the whole runway for residents it’s  free but if you’re a non-resident you’ll have to pay a 35 pound cover charge to enter the bar  it is expensive but it’s high-end and gives great views across the old airport.

Now i love places like this and I’m disappointed it was close to my visit but it was a sudden then it was quite late  and maybe next time so by default we’re going to visit the apron bar and level one the apron bar is modern spacious  well-lit and with uh quite a good nighttime view they’re seating for about 50 people in the bar  and the customer service was absolutely excellent the drink prices yeah expensive but pretty much  central London prices now my only complaint is the bar closed at 10 pm okay it’s a Sunday  but this is a 24-hour international airport really midnight 1 am will be more suitable well it’s now 8am Monday morning at Heathrow and the start of a brand new week.

So here’s the view from my room in daylight before i check out head off into Central London  time for some breakfast in the apron restaurant on level one i took a bed and breakfast right when i put the room but if you want to pay separately  for breakfast it’s about 16 pounds per person or 20 us dollars in this hotel  which i think is very reasonable for London and you’ll certainly pay  a lot more elsewhere in Heathrow they’re seating for over 100 people but as you can see the  restaurant is very quiet especially considering it’s peak breakfast time in hotels at 8 30 a.m the breakfast that offer in the apron restaurant is a buffet of cooked full English staples and cold continental breads cheese ears meats and cereals fairly standard fare for any Hilton around the world and i have absolutely no complaints it was delicious okay it’s that point in the video where i put up the cost of everything  remember the prices in the Hilton Heathrow will vary quite significantly depending on  the season and the level of demand this hotel is popular and will fill up quickly.

So if you want to guarantee a place you need to book well in advance  the spot rate for my room the standard king is 132 pounds but because i booked through i managed to get it cheaper than that and i paid 122 pounds or 165 us dollars  you can see the spot rates for the other rooms i’m not going to read them all off but you can  look them up yourself point to make here is the standard rooms are significantly cheaper than the aerotel in terminal 3 which provides much much worse service and quality of hotel than hilton well actually Hilton Garden at Terminal 2 reviewed and walked around what do i think  of it it’s definitely the better of the two on-site transfer hotels at Heathrow airport vastly better to the aurora and it’s cheaper as well by about 30 pounds at night can’t  really fault it uh what was surprising was the restaurant and the breakfast absolutely  fantastic and not that expensive really uh it’s 25 pounds usually for breakfast in hotels like this  and this was half that.

So um yeah i recommend the Hilton if you’re transited through Heathrow  there are still cheaper options if you want to go on to the A4 the main  hotel rooms they’re about half the price of the on-site trans hotels and they’re much bigger  hotels the downside is you’ll have to get the Heathrow transit bus to come in and if you’re  rushing around in the morning it’s a pain that you don’t really need particularly if you’ve  got luggage.

Okay that’s us finished the review and let’s move on to our next adventure.

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