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MACHU PICCHU - You NEED to see this place before it's too late (ft. WhatTheChic)

Machu Picchu – You NEED to see this place before it’s too late (ft. WhatTheChic)

Jamie put the camera down with you helvi oh hell no you soft fluffy I’ll pack it out here now I’m gonna die so it is right now 5:00 in the morning and this is pretty much how everyone else starts the days if they’re going to machu picchu it’s always an early start and right now we’re heading to another hotel that’s part of the del inca group once we get to our hotel we’re gonna be taking a train to machu picchu and the train actually goes into our hotel which is like unreal feeling a little bit tired I got five hours of sleep but that’s enough for me we’ll do it welcome to tabal del inca.

We’ve just arrived about an hour and a half later honestly one of the most incredible rides I’ve ever done we were like winding through the mountains then right as we pull into the hotel I take put my camera out the window and I realize the mic and up and screwed on and it just fell right off as we’re driving in luckily as long as I’m recording right now there’s no damage to it dying.

So this is what we’re dealing with right now on the Left we’ve got an incredible river running down a massive mountain up there on the right side we’re surrounded by another cliffside more mountains there’s no better way to travel than rail because you have.

So much space you can get up you’ve got food served to you like you feel the freedom of being able to see the environment but having the comfort of being able to like you know have a workspace to be able to hang out with your friends so I definitely highly recommend taking the pre rail.

so Kathy a reality now no yes about to comfortable hours later we’ve just arrived here at the train station that drops people off for Machu Picchu and now we’re gonna take a bus to get up to the top of Machu Picchu it’s like a two-hour three-hour hike you could take but not with all this camera gear and not with this altitude hola senores this is the Peruvian back to the boys this one is called I love you still the Machu Picchu oven glove bring the cooking taste of Peru back to wherever you live.

So you can see here we’ve got a traditional Peruvian hat you can see by the alpaca and the Peru sign Italian alien proof I heard that Incas wore those back in why is the king Incan conquerors they wore these to war when they were fighting the the Mayans spectacular it was $24 US per person to get up and down for the bus that doesn’t include your machu picchu ticket which I believe I paid around 50 to 60 US dollars for.

So yeah it’s a bit of an expensive day but of course who’s gonna come to Peru and not see Machu Picchu here we are though oh my gosh look at this we are ready to start our ascent into Machu Picchu we’re pretty much already at the base camp of this Incan Palace if you listen really closely the noise that makes is incredible here it is what we traveled all the way to see Machu Picchu I gotta say it like we were fighting.

So hard to get the shot I’m so lucky right now to have this entire area to myself because for the past 20 minutes it’s just been full of people but once you have the patience you get the shot and I think we got a few good months today look right there guys there is a wild llama freely roaming eating some green grass living life oh my gosh look at this look at you you’re.

So beautiful just over the banana I have found more of them hi there sir what are your thoughts on the rising tourism here in Peru so what do you think the worth the hype absolutely beautiful Oh Oh.

Right behind me there you can see the really tall mountain and that is wine a Pichu so you can actually pay a little bit extra if you’re one of the 200 people to get the tickets to go up there in the day it could be a really cool spot to check out however it was not available when I went to book I booked my tickets like a week ago.

So why not Picchu I think I saw was booking as far as like a month in advance definitely a lot of work to get up there probably would take you about an hour and a half and you’d be out of breath that’s guaranteed and the really cool thing is you can actually do like a three day hike to get to Machu Picchu snown as the Incan Trail after they’re really tiring excursion they come through this passage and they see this incredible Incan Palace I can definitely see why people would want to do the Inca Trail though I mean just look at this mountain range the tallest peaks the biggest drop-offs it would be absolutely stunning I’m sure not for me today especially with all this gear.

So Whitney down there is the river before the bus had picked us up we were down that level we zigzag zigzag zigzag started from the bottom now we’re here the record have got a ceremonial Rock and it looks like the kind of place you’d sacrifice this is actually like a photographer’s dream this place is amazing.

Life is just too good here in Peru so you can see whoever built this thing had some great tastes he picks one of the best locations had some fine architects come in and right outside of the vacation home you got that wine at pichu viewpoint this looks like a fairy tale how does this reel oh my gosh it’s.

So beautiful oh yeah if I ever get my head chopped off I hope it’s right here what did you think good spot great spot my capitation line is right about there as you can see by the angle your head is gonna roll to that and then flow down the hill it’s absolutely marvelous.

So something really cool here the tour guide saying is this system of canals right here little water channels they actually act as a filtration system and they run all the way down there and as it goes through the step several times several layers of these channels you get pure water we Came we saw we conquered and now it’s time to go all exits lead to the gift shop postcards so the line to get on the bus started back there it just keeps going and going oh it even goes around that bad all right one hour later finally on a bus.

So excited our experience coming here with Peru rail was absolutely incredible but we have something really unique set up tonight it’s pricey but we’ll let you know how we find it in just a moment we’re now gonna be taking the train from here all the way to cusco I don’t know how long it’ll take but I think it’s at least three to four hours and from there we’ll be taking a taxi back to tappable building in the lounge they have music being played they have champagne being served and you can definitely tell like this is going to be a very exclusive experience.

It’s like if service is walking up and down the difference I’ve never done anything like.

So that was like the most sophisticated way to get around it didn’t even feel like travel honestly it was just an incredible luxury we have now arrived in cusco unfortunately we’re not actually staying in cusco we have to take a 1 hour and 15-minute ride back to tombolo del inca and it’s gonna be an unbelievable night but we got to get going because our taxis waiting.

So let’s head oh and now it is 10:20 we’ve just arrived at tombow del inca like the ceilings have to be like 40 feet high massive Incan fireplace this is the incredible room that I get to stay in for the next two nights you’ll see more about that but I wanted to finish with one last note I really hope you enjoyed today’s Peru video and if you did why don’t you take it a step further and actually go as far as joining the team get lost family click the subscribe button.

So you can get more awesome content like this the remainder of the Peru series and if you’re planning to come to Peru I’ve made an entire 1 and 1/2 hour video guide it shows you everything you need to know about Peru from packing your bags to the hidden secrets the best restaurants and the must do things while you’re traveling here if you just want to get a sneak preview of the guide I’ve got the 5 hot tips it’s completely free just click over here if you want the full guide click down below in the description and it’ll take you right there without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one

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