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perdΓ³name hello sir welcome to the United Kingdom’s okay we’ve made it safely 13 hours later was it 13 hours no oh nine hours later I slept and watched yes man I had three seats all to myself I just like sprawled out it was amazing I’m gonna truth did the airline lose luggage in the changes yes.

So when you go through a airport you have to let go through a screening agent who basically makes sure that you’re not going to be in legal immigrant or someone who’s working here in the country taking other people’s jobs and I’ve never been confronted so I’ve never been prepared and I get there he’s like okay.

So do you have a return ticket no I don’t do you have a ticket going to next destination I’m like it’s on my phone I can’t show you the Internet’s not working and then he even asked me how much money do you have on you and I’m I’ve never been asked these questions really and so I was like I’ve got no money just off credit cards I’ve watched enough Border Patrol I’m like I know what’s happening I’m like Sean he was pretty chill but I am going to be more prepared next time so we’re out of the airport and in typical UK fashion it’s an overcast kind of rainy day right now we’re going to find the metro we’re heading into London about a 30-minute tram ride to get there and we’re gonna try to find a friend of ours work place.

So that we can ditch these bags all right love which costs twenty pounds times three I’ve never seen this before this is Alex your easyJet captain speaking so the whole train system is very confusing and we don’t even know how we’re going.

So we just got on one that’s bringing us to central which is Victoria in London and the train was like $15 for an all-day pass about 15 pounds just like $30 next stop is left got what comes like all the way out in the country sides and taking the train was actually a really cool way to see you know the neighborhood’s just kind of like the light behind the big city I’m starting to get hit with jet lag crashing a little bit but we’ll get some tea maybe some English tea and we’ll pick ourselves back up.

So I got the American ties that got the European size we made it I packed everything I think except for a lightning cable for my iPhone and of course my battery searched I was like okay I need to go buy one this lightning cable here cost me about thirty Canadian dollars 25 US dollars not stoked about that but I guess that’s what I get for forgetting my cable the UK is a very very expensive place luckily brexit dropped the currency a little bit but otherwise still very expensive we biggest canals and stuff like more impressive than the pyramids here we are this is amazing this is like stereotypical UK here we are this year is Julie’s circus right now we’re actually going to meet with a really good friend of mine we went to elementary school high school together and she came out to London to do modelling this is so cool I can actually feel the history you see all the old buildings all the really cool architecture and we actually know where we’re going right now.

So things are great things are looking up if you couldn’t tell I’ve never been to the UK before I’ve been to France and so I’ve seen something similar to this and actually if you go to the very east coast of Canada Quebec City there’s a really really old architecture just like there was in France because it was built by the early settlers coming from France so we do have some of this in Canada but a very very small part I look here dad why do you look me I came from work years ago and ended up living in a state ever since she’s the model still models Larson yes Marcin and Heather he’s trying to sell you off by the watch all right.

So Lauren’s working right now so she’s had to head back to work right now we are walking to Buckingham Palace I think we’re like I don’t know five minutes away whole lot of nice cars coming through here Bentley’s Ferraris it’s a very affluent area and it’s really beautiful so we’re just about done our little London tourists walk we say goodbye to Lauren I’m sure she’ll be back to Vancouver in a couple of years or so.

So I’ll see you then but right now we are going to meet with another friend so stein is the third partner who we’re going to be doing romania with and sign is good buddies with a guy by the name of no that’s who we’re meeting right now nomes going to show us around a little bit we hope to go see Big Ben and that will probably be the end of our day grab a couple of beers and get up super early to go to Romania tomorrow morning it’s rule number one we just got the Metro and it was.

So hot in there we have met up with no we’re gonna grab a couple beers I don’t want the fame man I got the money I don’t want right here is actually a Banksy graffiti piece but as you can see it’s protected behind the sheet of plastic yep plastic I guess some hooligans came and tried to smash it up but that’s what remains of Banksy’s artwork.

So gnome is kindly hosting us for the night we are currently in East London we’re heading back into London to go see Big Ben we were out that way earlier but we had all of our massive bags on and my back was killing me I’m also switching back to the g7x I don’t know how you guys found me vlogging with the gh4 today let me know if you guys prefer it it’s definitely an extra step it’s a challenge to always have this massive camera hanging around especially when I have a backpack on my front and a backpack on my back so there’s gonna be certain points in my trip where it just doesn’t make sense and I’ll be vlogging with the g7x but I don’t think any of you guys had an issue with that to start with so let me know do you guys have a preference and how do you like the new mic alright we’re getting some Turkish food Turkish food let’s get going we didn’t even come close.

So we had to Tupperware is left over oh wow there’s breakfast guys what’s up how you doing down there meet my friend this is been quite big I’ll stop I promise I won’t do that again there it is that’s the prime angle you get the double o’clock reorientation London Eye Big Bend there’s a thing over there that looks like lord farquaad’s counsel from Shrek it’s a minister Abbey which is a big Church here and we’re going to Trafalgar Square which is somewhere down here you don’t have to London aim work just watch my blog guys this is the gate into 10 Downing Street.

So the Prime Minister lives down there somewhere I don’t think they’ll tell me where but down there look at that gate cars come through here they come across here come across this nice ass lamppost they got a roundabout with some statues double-decker buses and right over there is that Trafalgar Square Astra pellagra swears IES God bless the colony I grabbed a quick pint here what kind of like British Pale Ales you have a pint in the middle of London you guys looking for a cool bar we came to the Admiralty right across the Trafalgar Square really cool bar.

Now we’re gonna head back to Nome we got an early morning I gotta edit a vlog somehow in between all this like I’m running on very little sleep but you guys make work there’s a line right there and it looks like two people are having sex on top of the other line but we’re going to leave that out of the vlog Harry Potter in a really busy day here in London and a great day but tomorrow I have an early morning.

So how can I let’s get lost again tomorrow Laura and I have an exciting announcement as to how you guys can be the first to get your hands on some merch some lost merch we wanted to let you guys know that we are now on a platform by the name of patreon

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