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I CAN'T BELIEVE WE FOUND THIS - Maras Peru (ft. WhatTheChic)

I CAN'T BELIEVE WE FOUND THIS – Maras Peru (ft. WhatTheChic)

Buenos Dias Welcome to cuzco peru about a one and a half hour flight later from lima that was one of the most amazing flights I’ve ever had like it reminded me a lot of the volcano i went to in maui because think of mountains essentially just barely poking out of the clouds and it looks like they’re little islands it’s absolutely stunning and the landing coming to cusco was very interesting you have to take a massive hard left to get in because you’re basically coming through the mountains and right now i’m actually feeling it there’s about five percent less oxygen that you’d have in lima or so I was told I don’t know the exact math on it but you feel it you feel like it’s a bit of a light breath every breath you take before leaving the Lima Airport we actually bought some pills hopefully that will help us get past this whole altitude sickness thing but it’s very common that sometimes people will take a couple days to adjust we have our pickup we’re heading right to the hotel we’re probably have a power nap because we slept about three hours last night and we are off so we’ve just arrived at hotel vo Sangha and my face just lit up because she’s explaining me all the stuff that the hotel offers like an Inca shower a heated pool and that’s all great and all I’m super excited to check that out but then she drops this on me there are two baby alpacas living here and they’re in the garden so we get to feed them later I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about anything in my life so let’s just say dreams come true so this is in tea in the brown one is Kia and they’re eight month old alpacas extremely soft oh yeah very good no back up I actually thought of a really funny joke on the way here a llama walks into a travel agency and the travel agent says tickets to Cusco right now 50% off the llama says alpaca my bags [Music] all right let’s see what the Peruvian villa lifestyle has to offer we’re comedy’s Thank You lovey check that out we’ve got our own grass terrace right here where we can see the alpacas down there we’re so fortunate be staying here tonight parts of it are modern parts of it feel like traditional Peruvian style you’ve got the modern finishings and then you’ve got the little you know Peruvian touches like the vases the mugs you can see the rafters here which is really cool I need to get a quick sleep in because we’re gonna be going to modest right after this and it is probably one of the most photographic places you can see in all of Peru I feel rested now after a one-hour nap and right now we have an incredible picnic all set up hello oh my gosh check this out what that is unbelievably beautiful I take my shoes off for this how’s your day going so far I love this kind of a lazy panda Casa del 15y oh my gosh Kathy what’s this one called oh yeah so it’s a typical harp from here it tastes like mint a little bit and is really good for altitude that is really good this has to be one of the most unique experiences I’ve had as far as hotels go like this is really up there as one of my tops they wouldn’t be lunch without alpacas not leg on the table but like entertaining this [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] like the 2 p.m.

3 p.m. mark there’s not really a ton of people here there’s only 10 SOLAS to get in and yeah it’s one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen so you can buy all sorts of different salts here you have everything from table salt to some sort of medicinal salt and they even have the Heisenberg specialty don’t bring that one across the border these here are the salt flats and how it works is basically they cut out little circular areas and they’re not too deep they’re probably no more than a foot deep they fill it up with water and when the water evaporates you’re left with quality salt that can be used for medicinal purposes for table salt and as we saw earlier for drugs this one here is for the blog when oh honey and right there you can see the drying room where they leave all the salt to dry before selling it the people like her one thing I find interesting though is you do see people working here like it’s not just the tourists stop this is an actual working mind so it’s pretty cool to see after spending 45 minutes of the mine we had our driver take us back up the hill to get some final shots and enjoy that incredible Peruvian sunset and if you’ve ever flown a drone before you’ll probably know that this is not what you want to see on your screen at this point I thought my drone was gone my heart sank I was like there goes fifteen hundred dollars and I’m in the middle of Peru I don’t know where I’m gonna get a replacement to this day I could not tell you what happened but the drone flew back and if the drone had not been retrieved we all would have been worse off today because this is what I found people always debate if there’s anything else out there a higher life a smarter species today I’m here to confirm that we are not alone I give to you one of the hardest crop circles to find pun fully intended [Music] when I was flying the drone I did not see this in the field it wasn’t until about two days later when Jamie started cutting through the footage I get called over to the computer and what do I see nothing more than a 40-foot long phallus just nicely put into the field aliens yo check out that fire that fire feels good all right guys so we are now going for a cooking class as if today couldn’t get any better the hotel has set up this beautiful little session for us we put it in the middle and we cut it show you may succeed oh so this is the final product is a kelsa a CB chatter I’m just repeating what Kathy said a second ago it’s a very traditional Peruvian meal ceviche I’ve had before and I love it like when it’s prepared right it’s just amazing and I know it’s gonna be the case here and then Cal saw is kind of like it’s a potato and should know this I was watching and making it mashed potato potato mm-hmm with mayonnaise oil lemon yellow chili and the weird thing is it’s not actually lemon because they call limes lemons here which is very confusing but Who am I to say your own maybe the North Americans are wrong Jamie have you tried it yet no I’m thinking the trout that he’s used here is like so fresh and the way it’s marinated with the lime sauce this is to die for I hope you guys enjoyed the very first video here in the Sacred Valley of Peru I’m very curious to hear what you think about this video format being roughly seven to nine minutes I’m kind of thinking of going with that for the future of the channel putting out more videos and slightly shorter let me know what you think please comment down below and lastly if you’re not part of the channel make sure to do so click that subscribe button just over here you can join the channel be notified when new videos come out just like this we’re just getting started on the Peru trip and I actually built an entire dedicated guide just for you if you’re coming to Peru you want to know the hidden gems the top tourist destinations the best restaurants even details like how to bring a drone into the country how to avoid altitude sickness the entire itinerary is built just for you to make the most of your time here in Peru that is link down below if you want the full guide but I have a five hot tips for you it will give you five tips to get you started with your trip to Peru and that one is completely free without further ado guys let’s get lost again in the next one

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