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you Hey hi my name is Christian LeBlanc and in 2015 I had the extreme pleasure of travelling to eight Asian countries over nine months of the eight months abroad I spent almost half of it in Thailand Thailand is such a vibrant country the food is delicious the landscapes are breathtaking and the culture is so rich this is Thailand let’s simplify Bangkok the islands and the North Bangkok is a beautifully chaotic city from the elaborate temples to the masses of street vendors there’s so much to see and do a few of the things you must do while in Bangkok are get on the back of a motorcycle taxi take a cooking class and take advantage of the beautiful skyline there’s so many cool sky bars in Bangkok also make sure to pack lightly because Bangkok is the place to go for knockoffs and cheap clothing and if you’re looking for a good night out in Bangkok make sure to go to khao san road this is where all the travelers go to drink from buckets and my favorite thing to do in bangkok is the ghost tower the ghost tower is a 50-story building that went under during a recession it’s nothing more than exposed concrete overlooking Bangkok so climb the haunted stairwell and watch one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see in Bangkok not not ever time to head self through the islands to get there you have two options you can either take the train or the plane the sleeper train is actually a great option for people who are looking to pinch their pennies the most popular islands can be divided into two groups let’s start with the left side from the Krabby Airport we took a shuttle taking us to the ferry and from the ferry we went to Koh Lanta koh lanta is a very easygoing island it offers everything from cheap bungalows to extremely luxurious hotels it’s a great getaway spot for couples and for people who are looking to do a little bit of relaxing if you go to Koh Lanta there’s one thing that you have to do and that’s the for island tour the for island tour is absolutely incredible for about 25 to 35 American dollars you’re driven to these four unique islands the islands we saw that day we’re among some of the most beautiful I’d seen my entire trip the for island tour was nearly worth the trip to Koh Lanta itself it’s unbelievable Laura and I were just walking down a side street and we found the holy grail of fake Nikes and we’re off the copy be after koh-lanta we headed to koh pipi there are a few islands as stunning as this this is the place to go to watch fire dancers by night while drinking questionable alcohol out of a bucket go pee pee is definitely a party island for backpackers but it’s breathtaking landscapes make it a must for everyone cool PP is also home to the famous Maya Bay one of the most scenic places in all of Thailand it was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie the beach another commonly traveled Ireland is Phuket we never went to Phuket because it’s generally not the place to go for backpackers it’s more catered towards people who are looking for resorts and spas to get to the next set of islands you either take a bus or a plane once on the mainland we took a ferry to the biggest party island in all of time school playa although coupon Yuans best known for partying it’s also extremely beautiful the full moon party happens in the south of the island but if you want to get away from the craziness and enjoy coping Yuans beautiful side go to the North East we skip koh samui for the same reasons this Phuket and we headed to my favorite island hotel the reason ko Tao is my favorite is because it has the best of all islands it has the nightlife it has the landscape and it has no shortage of things to do hotel is also very well known for getting your pati dive license it’s the second cheapest place together in the entire world right after Honduras but let’s be honest you don’t even know where Honduras is diving is an eye-opening experience it’s literally like seeing the other half of the world I highly recommend it although it sucks you have to set aside three days in a course in total the course cost is about 320 US dollars including accommodations for the three nights just across from koh tao is cold 91 or something like that the island is absolutely breathtaking the best part of it all is the lookout point after about 20 minutes of hiking across these wooden platforms and hiking up the mountain you reach the top and the view that you see is unbeatable the view is among one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen you have to check this out it should also be noted that all islands have lots of shopping for tourists if you’re a foreigner be ready to go to battle because the vendors are ready to go to war learn their vocabulary and you might just save that extra 25 cents also if you’re into seeing people almost kill each other then you’ll love muy Thai Muay Thai is pretty much like boxing but with less protective gear and someone leaving forgetting their name I will be coming back to koh tao very soon after the islands it’s time to head to the north unfortunately you can never bypass Bangkok and you almost always have to return there to go north we took the sleeper train taking the sleeper train is pretty much initiation to Thailand about 12 hours later we arrived in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is one of the incredible cultural hubs in Thailand my experience of Chiang Mai was quite unique this is Songkran Songkran is a celebration of the Thai New Year and for three days people go crazy in the streets absolutely soaking each other with water guns and bucket it was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life and I highly recommend people planning their entire trip to Thailand based around songs run I recommend spending half of it in Bangkok and the other half in Chiang Mai it’s an unbeatable experience and it’s definitely a bucket list item it generally occurs around mid-april arguably the largest attraction to Chiang Mai is the elephants elephants are among the smartest animals in the entire world they’re gentle giants visiting the sanctuary was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my entire time abroad with that being said the animals have also been exploited for years by the tourism industry if a business changed their elephants or lets you ride them do not support these businesses I highly recommend that if you go to see elephants you make sure you’re using an ethical source after Chiang Mai we rented a scooter and headed further north to Potts the road from Chiang Mai to PI is one that you will not soon forget the road is 130 kilometers and it’s constantly curving back and forth for those who are comfortable riding a bike it’s simply an incredible experience but if you’re not quite comfortable I recommend you take the bus although the road is fairly safe accidents do happen and I don’t recommend making this the place to learn once in PI we explored Tom LOD cave for about $20 a person a guy takes you through the cave on a wooden raft with nothing more than a small lantern for life the cave is massive and it’s an incredible experience for someone who’s never been in a cave before make sure you buy their fish food there’s these creepy little fish everywhere and as soon as you feed one a frenzy starts after the cave we got back on our bikes and drove into PI much of pi is actually based around biking around the area so if you’re not quite as experienced and weren’t able to drive from Chiang Mai to PI you can actually rent a scooter once you’re in PI for local riding one thing that you must do in PI is the Canyon PI Canyon is the most incredible place to watch the sunset this was one of the most memorable sunsets of my trip I’ve also heard there’s some decent hiking around the canyon so bring your running shoes and make sure not to fall the path is pretty narrow the next morning we finished the last thing on our list and headed to the white Buddha it’s an amazing lookout point and definitely a worthwhile experience after PI we headed back to Bangkok and that was the end of our trip one warning that must be made about Thailand is that the second you go there you will never be the same this may sound cheesy but that’s exactly what happened to me and that’s why I’m going back next month I’ll be sharing all my adventures and experiences on YouTube through daily YouTube videos so make sure to subscribe because there’s so much more to come for the most part Thailand is very safe and as long as you take the same safety precautions as you would traveling anywhere else you should be totally fine Thailand is very inexpensive meals can be as cheap as two US dollars and accommodations as cheap as five and for 20 dollars you’re staying in a nice boutique hotel since I last checked Island does not require a visa and allows visitors to save for 30 days however you should always do your own research if you guys like this video please throw it a thumbs up and share it with your friends or family who may going to Thailand I think they’ll find this video very helpful thank you so much and see you in the next video oh it’s recording right now hello

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