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This is your final warning this trip will lead to financial ruin you’ll have to liquidate your assets foreclose on your house and worst of all you’re gonna have to steal Timmy’s college funds because this trip is gonna take every single penny that you have jokes aside Timmy doesn’t belong in college anyways he’s not the brightest one in the tool shed and it’s smashed that piggy bank take everything you’ve got because this road trip to Norway is going to be the most memorable trip of your life.

Today I’m gonna be showing you guys how you can have the most incredible road trip there is to have it’s an extremely complicated place to get around with all the fjords with all these rivers.

let’s get started on this road trip we’re gonna be following the coastline going north so to get things started we’re gonna go to the city of stabbing Europe Stavanger is one of the natural resource hubs of the country the one thing you need to know is this is going to be your place to pick up your vehicle, and it is now time to get frightened because as we put forward our credit cards you’ll see how expensive this country.

Is going to be renting a car Norway is expensive renting a car and driving it one way is ridiculously expensive this car for about the equivalent of 10 days came out to 1,200 US dollars.

If you’re going to follow this itinerary which I really recommend you do you’re going to need to pay that one-way fee as well because we’re gonna be driving a big distance you can’t really come back if you’re organized I’m sure you could find a better deal and I should also say I paid an extra hundred dollars to get a luxury vehicle which I really recommend doing because we’re spending some seriously long hours on some beautiful roads I would highly recommend making sure that you enjoy every minute of it.

Even though stabbing year is just the starting point I do have a couple spots in the city that I recommend the first one is gamma light which is the old town and over it home gate which is going to be this beautiful colorful Street it’s kind of like a little alleyway with some cool spots to get some food.

Oh they’re looking pretty good there’s pie to mess around we’re getting extra size walking we tried out the famous Norwegian waffle and with that they put on their own very unique kind of cheese it kind of looks and tastes a little bit like peanut butter but it’s fantastic, Katzie does not agree with me I loved it throughout the itinerary I highly recommend you keep a close eye on Airbnb I found prices we’re almost a third of that of the hotels so I paid about $80 in staffing year for something super basic for one night whereas a hotel would have been around 250 US Dollar.

So day 2 is actually not technically north but a little bit inland we’re gonna be driving about two and a half hours one of the most beautiful drives you’ll ever do I should mention and, this here is Fredrik and Fredrik is here from stabbing near Norway and the place we’re going to climb today it’s called cudgel egg but if you are not like me then you’d say Schrag.

Should I hang one thing I should say is that if you repeat any of these things I say the locals are gonna give you a funny look because I’m just slaughtering these names I’m sorry if your Norwegian just forgive me I’m doing my best now this is going to be one of the top hikes in the country it’s one of the most iconic ones it’s also one that’s going to leave you extremely this or the next day if you’re in decent shape we’re talking about four hours up and four hours back down it was a really tiring hike if you talk to any hiker or any local they will tell you this is one of the easier hikes I strongly disagree with them as a very mediocre hiker myself.

Guarantee huh now why do you deal with all this blood sweat and a lot of tears because when you get to the very top this is what you have the reason we climbed all the way up here to stand with deaf I’m going I love you oh I feel a rush I really do a brush that tells me to get off of this thing this is what living in.

This incredible Boulder being suspended between the cliffside it is so beautiful it gets your heart racing if you’re willing to step out on it and even if you’re not the view is insane and it’s such a rewarding hike make sure you bring in extra few layers especially a rain repellant one because rain comes out of nowhere in Norway and the temperature fluctuates like crazy, and so I guess another travel tip is to pack wisely because everything’s going to be more expensive to buy in normal.

But luckily Norway had something very special for us because on our way down the valley into a place by the name of lice button is one of the world’s most beautiful roads lice button is basically a single lane road where every now and then when you come face-to-face with a car you have to pull into the curve and let this a person pass by and you’re descending at such a fast pace going through tunnels and finally it spits you out at the bottom of the fjord where you will be staying for the night if you’re lucky enough, and this is where we’re staying tonight look at this place here.

I found this little bed-and-breakfast in the middle of nowhere it said they had no vacancy but somehow I was able to get a room there and it was the best sleep I’ve ever had having just hiked katatak I was exhausted and when I woke up that next morning what will be our day 3 I woke up to the sound of sheep of a beautiful breeze rolling in the window the weather was perfect I was in a t-shirt in shorts and it was just the most magical way to wake up, so for your sake I hope that that is what your day looks like and I really hope you’re able to get a room here if you want to check it out I would highly recommend booking it online this is the name of the hotel and I highly doubt after this video there will be many vacancies left so booked it out in advance it was truly one of the highlights of this trip.

Now you might be asking yourself Christian how do you afford to travel Norway with the prices being so ridiculously high well the answers simple today’s video is sponsored by story blogs I have to say I’m very grateful for their sponsorship here today not only because this trip was so expensive but also because they are one of my favorite sponsors to work with story blocks is one of the services I’ve been using to create my Youtube videos now for well over a year almost two years now and it’s one of the services I don’t know how I function without.

Story blocks is a massive database of other people’s footage that you can use in your YouTube videos and still have full monetization on your channel not have to worry about copyright claims being made it’s one of the best way to help fill in the holes in your story line when you didn’t capture that shot that you needed maybe you were running and you forgot to shoot the windy road ahead or maybe you forgot the drone battery so you couldn’t take off and show the incredible glacier, Story Blocks almost always has you covered, simply search in their database and many many shots will come up that hopefully help you fill that void in your video any of the destinations or things that you’re looking for oftentimes you’ll have dozens if not hundreds of results of clips that you can use in your videos and as a storyteller as a filmmaker it’s a game changer story blocks if it wasn’t for you timmi wouldn’t be going to college thank you.

So this right here is a very simple tip Norway has some of the cleanest drinking water so with that one of the best ways you can save money and reduce your waste just travel with one water bottle maybe an aluminum one some of the finest drinking water you’ll ever have so actually here is incredible safe and you can lift your stuff in the car we leave our laptops our cameras like whatever we need and because it’s so safe what we do is we keep all our valuables in there but we each have our own sport bag kind of like an overnight pack and so that way every time we stop we don’t have to take everything out of the car have our toiletries have the next day’s change not constantly pulling heavy luggages around.

It is time to go up north to length Wilson waterfall and that’s gonna be about a four and a half hour drive now I will stop myself to say one of the best things about this trip is not going to be the destination it is going to be the journey when you least expect it you’ll turn a corner and see a beautiful unnamed waterfall a place that tourists don’t go to visit it’s crazy to say but it starts to become the norm on this trip but with that there are some waterfalls that stand out just a little bit more than others and Lang fosston is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and it’s the fifth largest in Norway.

Once you’re finished with the waterfall I recommend just booking and Airbnb in the area there’s some really cool cabins and so you can definitely get a very Norwegian experience.

So when you’re on the road here in Norway one of the places you might come to know is this one right here it’s kind of like the Norwegian 7-eleven it’s just a big convenience store where you can get your water as your snacks things to keep you going while on the road.

Now for day number four I would highly recommend this hike to anyone that is an advanced or even intermediate hiker that isn’t already dying from having done cajeta aghh this is the number one hike in probably all of Norway and it’s one by the name of trolltunga basically picture the lion Kings Pride Rock well that is what it looks like when you get to the incredible viewpoint overlooking the fjord I haven’t experienced it in person because the hike time was nearly double that of chaotic.

If you decide to do trolltunga then you’ll probably want to stay in a really cool town by the name of Oda I think it’s the closest town to trolltunga and from my memory it was a really beautiful one that we passed through.

Continuing on to day five we are now arriving in the rain capital of Norway it literally rains here 250 plus days of the year this is the city of Bergen.

Guys we’re driving through Bergen right now and it is insane look at all these homes in the hills imagine little gingerbread houses scattered along the hills narrow little streets winding through the mountains this is what you have to get excited for.

Bergen is one of the most beautiful quaint little towns that I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend spending a day or maybe even two nights here because may be a great place to just catch up on the Norwegian day to day life.

Tomorrow morning we got a super super early wake-up call we’re gonna get about 5 and a half hours of sleep tonight I’m excited.

We have made it four and a half hours of driving a ferry we’ve arrived at knee guards breehn and this is a glacier which we are actually gonna be hiking up.

It is an incredible glacier that’s unfortunately melting at a very rapid pace and may not be here by 2050 so scientists say on our visit Kathy and I did the short blue hike where they give you some crampons for your boots they give you an ice pick and they take you up top of the glacier for my purposes they four hours was more than enough we got to see just about everything there was to see but if you feel like you might need more time up there there’s the long blue.

There’s not really any air BnB ease in that area so you’re probably best off to find the nearest town, for Kathy and I we ended up staying in a place called fille our land and fee our land is not close in fact it’s a bit of a detour from this entire itinerary.

Welcome to our hotel room for the night we’re staying in Fiordland and this is fuel and your stove I think I nailed it viola he’s very chic actually yeah it was like this beautiful white cabin on the fjord it was such a great experience that I would recommend doing a night or two there if you just want to relax you’re looking for a cool spot to stay little definitely wanted me now wherever you decide to spend your night for day six you’re going to wake up for day seven to make your way to the most famous fjord in Norway.

It’s the most hyped up one that’s for sure it’s called get anger and gate anger is just mountains on all sides in a credible crystal Blue Lake a ferry that runs across it you can actually take this ferry to get another perspective of this incredible area and with that said this was probably the first time in the entire trip that I had seen other tourists in the masses at least seeing other tour buses go by a few big hotels.

I thought that gate anger was incredibly stunning but for the amount that it had been hyped up and for the amount of beauty that we had seen in every single turn of our road trip so far I found that it was just marginally more beautiful than the average place in Norway so I think that it kind of fell flat of my expectations personally one night was enough but we did not take advantage of the activities like kayaking in the fjord going to see some of the local waterfalls and going on some of those incredible hikes that it has to offer.

But I can share one thing that we did with you and that was getting some incredible gourmet handcrafted chocolates and hot chocolate bear with me here the place is called gay anger so joke a lot how can a Jake come after an s via MIDI go off oh my gosh what did we do to deserve this we successfully slept through breakfast great we got a big day ahead of us we got one of the craziest roads you’ll ever take let’s go.

Now we have just arrived here at the crown jewel of the Norway roadtrip one of the most recognizable roads in the entire world right behind me here is told Stig in this crazy windy road that brings us down the mountain over waterfalls basically one-and-a-half lanes wide you have to constantly make room for other vehicles and there’s no better way to show you what it’s about then to go do it ourselves.

With that said once you’ve gotten down throats Tegan you’re gonna make your way back up and then head all the way – oh listen we have made it to our next destination guys welcome to holy Sun it’s not very big but it’s absolutely beautiful and one of the things that I recommend is if you make it back before sunset then park your car at the view point and hike your way up to the top of the hill the tallest hill in the city and you’ll be able to see the most beautiful 360 degree view over the entire city it was stunning we ended up booking by accident this place that turned out to be really great it was called 1904 now there’s a catch it was 175 us a night which actually is on the middle of the scale you could probably find a cheaper air B&B but I really enjoyed that hotel now one thing I should say is that Apple Maps was actually the surprising star on this trip I found that Google Maps really wasn’t giving accurate estimates and sometimes hid routes so for this trip through Norway it’s one of the few times where I’ll say it Apple Maps is probably the way to go I can’t think of a more fitting day to go and see what it considered to be one of the world’s most dangerous roads right now on our way to yes Nancy ocean we’re talking two and a half hours to drive there and again we have to come back so that’s five hours of driving total it involves a ferry there and back which is probably gonna cost if I remember correctly about $50 you’re investing some time and some of your resources to get here and for what well for this [Music] this is the view of the Atlantic Ocean Road from above absolutely stunning one of the most beautiful roadways I’m sure I ever drove but there’s a catch the best view is the one that occurs when you fly a drone when you’re down on the ground you don’t get the full perspective it’s not nearly as beautiful as it feels in the drone and so for that reason I think that this is not the spot for everyone I wanted to put it in the guide because I’m glad I went because I’m a shooter but if you’re not planning to get photos or video I wouldn’t recommend going all the way here for this all right guys we’re back at the room and we’ve got about a six-hour sleep before we get to go to the airport and start our next adventure in Lofoten so I’ll see you tomorrow morning day number 10 on our itinerary is going to involve us getting rid of our rental vehicle you’re gonna be dropping it off at the oldest an airport feels good we’ve arrived in Laughlin and this is the airport as much as it pains me to pay these expensive prices for car rentals the one that has given me the best price still expensive is the brand by the name of sixth I think there are European one I say to put a hundred bucks I paid $80 a day here instead of roughly 105 a day oh yeah feel the power say what you will but there’s something about a Japanese import that just really revs my engines once I got to this full bear Airport I looked for the most budget car possible because unlike doing the road trip before we weren’t going to be doing long distances the days and the cars were going to be much shorter so we didn’t need to spend more money on a luxury vehicle if you’ve not heard of it before love Wilton is actually an island it’s a beautiful rugged island it takes about five hours to drive from one side to the other and so with that it’s actually good just to find one hotel that you can stay on for the rest of your itinerary because if you know anything about traveling it’s that packing your bags and moving hotel to hotel gets really exhausting personally there’s two areas I would recommend staying either in Bolstad which is where we stayed when we stayed with javi collage or in a place by the name of rain a fishing village and rainy is probably the most picturesque and most beautiful of all of lawful t’en it’s got the red the white and the yellow cabins all along the inside along the water with that ball stead is quite similar but ball stat has a very special place in my heart because of had Vika Lodge havi collages his family-run business it was actually once a commercial fishery but it’s now since been converted into this incredible boutique hotel so this is also Christian and Christian is the owner here at the lodge so how old are they this one is the oldest one the mid-section is from approximately 1860 such an awesome experience to be here right now you know time it is it’s a as you may remember the time of the year changes everything in Norway and this is even more true up in Lofoten because we’re further up north the summer days are so long that they even have what’s known as the Midnight Sun where the Sun never sets 24 hours a day of beautiful sunlight one thing you need to know though is this beautiful sunlight that happens in the summer months does come out a real serious cost the winter months are brutal from December 22nd to January 6th they will not see the Sun at all it will never rise fully above the horizon for eight days straight but it’s not just darkness if you’re lucky you will get what’s known as the aurora Lights if you haven’t seen aurora borealis it’s one of the most beautiful experiences there is to have on planet Earth I experienced the dancing of the colors in Yellowknife on one of the most vivid nights and it is an experience that I will never forget grateful to be experiencing my first ever real Midnight Sun it’s truly incredible no matter where you stay in Laughlin one of the amazing things to do is going to be the hiking if you want to get the best bang for your buck the best view for your altitude meter Cristian the owner of hot be collage recommended a hike by the name of Manon and I loved the view full 360 degrees of jaw-dropping WTF it was absolutely stunning tell you guys my knees are just not like they used to be used to be able to jump twice that height but definitely every year the you just get a little tighter but you can easily spend a full week here in Lofoten it’s such an incredible place and that is where I’m going to leave it if you’re actually planning to make this trip happen I highly recommend checking out my blog post just linked down below it has even more information than this video did and it can be a great reference for your upcoming trip this was one of my favourite itineraries I ever made if you’re actually planning to use it I would be very curious to hear it down below it really encourages me to make more videos like this and guys if you found it helpful I would really ask that you leave a thumbs up it actually makes a really big difference for this video success for the channel success and that means a lot to me so thank you very much if you enjoyed these videos I make a new one every Saturday we’d love to have you stick around by hitting that subscribe button and guys I need to get some rest it is my second time filming this because the microphone died on the first one so let’s go lost again in the next one

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