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hi my name is Kristian LeBlanc and in 2015 I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to eight Asian countries over nine months of which Laos was one of my favourites to get to Laos you’ll either take the night train or plane from Bangkok well they just set up our sleeper bed top ones good because you got a bit of a strap just in case so you don’t hit the ground when the train moves back and forth so we’re gonna sleep through the night.

When we wake up we’ll be in Laos arrive to Laos turns out the night train doesn’t go directly into Laos you actually get dropped off at the Thai and Laos border and you simply take a little tricycle right to the border where you get into Vaughn Thien the capital city of Laos if you ever feeling down about yourself come to Laos go to an ATM and if you have at least 200 or 300 dollars in your bank account then you too can be a millionaire there’s not a whole lot to do in Vaughn Tien.

So we very quickly got on the bus and headed further north to vang vieng tour the convention which is a castle and we’re heading to it’s von Jiang the infrastructure and Laos is very limited and buses are the only way to get around the roads are definitely roughed but on the bright side it’s by far the best way to see how the people live four or five hours later we arrived in vang Vieng we checked into our hotel and sat down at the friends cafe where they rerun episodes of friends and serve you sandwiches for under five dollars

The next day we embarked on the bond being challenged by far one of the most amazing experiences of my entire time abroad the Vaughn gang challenge is a two day hike where you climb through the Latian jungle led by the locals they share their culture their food and even their homemade alcohol the hike is definitely not for the faint of heart and true to its name it is a challenge are we here moment of truth we made it oh my gosh the view itself makes the blood sweat and mainly tears all worth it and here is rarest thanks me the next morning we woke up to an incredible sunrise one that I’ll never forget after watching the sunrise we left the cabin and headed to a waterfall only 200 feet away this is the waterfall that we would repel from the rappel had to be at least a couple hundred feet it was awesome once you get to the bottom of the waterfall don’t even think about taking your harness off because the rest of the day is spent rappelling from tree lines and ziplining from tree to tree I can’t think of a better way to see the Latian jungle just drop okay yeah oh yeah yep finish off our incredible adventure our guide served us one last authentic meal served on a banana leaf the next morning we headed off to one of Vaughn beings biggest tourist attractions the Vaughn Gang river tubing years ago there used to be dozens of bars set up along the river.

So tubers could stop to get drinks from point to point however due to tourists accidents they’ve actually shut down most of the bars now there’s only four remaining it was definitely not as the experience was first described to me but it was still a really good time you meet a ton of backpackers and you end up having a great time no matter what six hours north of Vaughn being is luang-prabang after consuming more baguettes and rice than we could handle we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dessert in town I haven’t had red wine let alone any wine since coming to Thailand so it’s been like two and a half months and this is actually like a nice French wine so this is so good Laura looks the nuts long prabang is actually a UNESCO site and it has many hotels that offer fine dining experiences and this night is taking off just fine.

So Laura and I are gonna go find breakfast hello and we’re gonna find a motorcycle for the day because we’re going to take it to a waterfall but before that we explored the town that’s cool keep the flies away so here we are at the marketplace and we found ourselves a nice little sandwich stand they make fresh smoothies they have the early release of the iWatch in Laos look at that it’s beautiful the craftsmanship you press this button here you get the time keep your shopping for Thailand for about 15 US dollars for the day we rented a bike and headed to kuang SI falls about a 45 minute ride from luang prabang at the entrance to the waterfall they actually have their own little bear sanctuary where they have their native Latian bears known as moon bears I had never been so entertained in my life he looks like that much to my surprise the Bears were not the highlight of the day this waterfall is actually unbelievably beautiful it’s got like multiple levels where the waters well fall it’s so cool I just spent the last five minutes trying to think of a word to describe kwang SI but the truth is i can’t think of one the place is beyond words it truly is a paradise that day I learned a valuable lesson peer pressure should never be used as a way of getting someone to jump into the water luckily for this overconfident doggy paddler I used to be a lifeguard oh my gosh damn more waffles.

So uh have you seen unbelievable and this is an exclusive preview of behind the scenes for Laura’s big photo shoot Laura’s a little celebrity here she’s got a few of the ladies asking for photos up there this is so unbelievable this looks like the big waterfall oh my god this can’t be real life Lauren I both agree this is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen we actually love to go and see so much that we decided to come back in the next day.

So we are hiking up the waterfall and this is what one of our friends told us to do said look for the do not path sign and do pass the Lauri and I are officially on top of the massive waterfall or at least one part of it the waterfall just keeps going and going we’re back for the fourth or fifth time same thing as usual we’re getting banana mango shakes we’re going to get some crepes and we’re getting some sandwiches such good savages all aboard the love mobile Laura and I are taking her first sleeper bus dr.

Benton about a nine hour bus ride and we’re driving through the night and to our surprise you don’t get your own bed you actually get to share with your neighbor which is fine if you know who you’re traveling with but you don’t know you you better hope that person next to is not large or girl we’re or any of the above pack the night bus back to Vaughn TN is long and treacherous it’s definitely not fun but it’s a lot cheaper than flying where’s Locke we literally just rented a bike to go see Buddha park we’re running pretty tight.

So you got to go catch a night train anyways we had like an hour and a half to go see it and then maybe two minutes into taking a motorcycle oh look we got a freaking pop tire I would show you Buddha park but unfortunately we never made it but bubble tea this was the end of our incredible adventure in Laos I highly recommend you visit Laos if you ever have the opportunity only three months ago I quit my corporate job to pursue my passion for travel and social media I’ll be returning to Southeast Asia in less than a month and I’ll be sharing the adventures as daily vlogs so make sure to subscribe and if you like this video please throw it a thumbs up and share it with your friends thanks for watching and see you in the next one so one hot air balloon he’s gonna free okay cool

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