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welcome to a brand-new video guys we’ve just arrived here in the city of Amsterdam we actually took a train going from Paris all the way here with the Tallis line which by the way it’s such a great way to get around we are gonna be exploring a city that I personally have never been to and already I’m seeing it’s totally different than anywhere I’ve ever been before small and quaint it has these beautiful gingerbread style homes right along the canal you’ve got everybody on bicycles despite it being winter like

I said there’s a lot to show you guys here and we’ve got three days to do it and after showing you how to travel Amsterdam I’ll also be showing you at the very end of this video how you can get your beautiful website up and running today using Squarespace I’m sure you’ve heard it before but Amsterdam’s biking culture is on another level everyone the young the old they’re all getting around by bike year-round and they actually have so many different bikes here just locked up against the canal the old Baskin attachment a very common move but the one that I love seeing the most is when you see like a mom with three kids on the back of her bike with these little seats all attached it’s hilarious cannot even take like a bag of shopping bag of money buy a cookie they’ll fall in.

We’re right now at this place called picnic and so it’s kind of an interesting method of ordering you actually picked by the number of items that you want in this case all the items are kind of small but I did three items maybe I could have done four if I was really hungry but everything’s kind of like bread base I got a goat cheese dark bread full chicken amazing arugula with goat cheese on brown bread out of this world.

This place was twenty two euros for both of us to have a really amazing lunch have a hot chocolate and in my case a lot a really good value now it’s time to get some apple pie how what is supposed to leave the best apple pie in all of Amsterdam everybody’s putting whipped cream is on point I really love the apple pie but I wish it was warm I have to say that but aside from that like it’s very very good captain I split it you know you’re in a good relationship when you can share a dessert I want to show you where we’re staying because it’s been an amazing part of our journey here so far inside that place and right there called mr.

Jordan mr. Jordan double A’s done I think it’s actually you’re done and this room is so so trendy so this is actually like a three star hotel very very well priced for what it is like it’s so beautifully decorated you’ve got a huge communal downstairs workspace there’s like all day complimentary coffee an oversized bathroom with his and her sink this is really really spacious even with our 65 bags our other guests that we travel with.

I think up your head so that right there is actually an Frank’s house this is where she hid during the war with the Nazi Germans this is one of the things that you’ll probably end up doing in Amsterdam it’s not exactly something that makes you feel good but it’s important to recognize what happened in the past they had a very tiny living quarter and a lot of people in there and eventually the Nazis did find them they were actually caught right at the end of the war of the eight that were in hiding seven of them were killed in concentration camps and one of them the father was the only one that got away from it all not a feel-good moment here in Amsterdam but definitely something you’ll want to do this is your second time doing it yeah yeah and I cry both times to see that this right here is Amsterdam Central and as you can see it’s a lot busier the second you cross that Canal entering into the central area it becomes a lot more like what you’d expect from a busy European city so from here on out I’ll be referring to our friendly green friend as herb because otherwise my video is gonna get demonetised and we will call solicited services by women as expensive hugs hey try to catch me.

Now YouTube now expensive hugs are actually just found outside of this area here herb is found all around here all sorts of shops selling cylindrical tubes used for the herb you see it being sold in all the storefronts come to think of it I think I thought it that Home Depot the other day must been a DIY kit definitely very touristy here very very true welcome to Amsterdam dudes Chad this makeup it’s gonna find myself sir I think this is the kind of spot that any real local probably wouldn’t want to come into but know we’re visitors and we’re gonna see what it’s all about and you know the stores doing better than any dunkin donuts in America I’m certain he’s well known for having amazing cheese and you will find this kind of cheese source everywhere in the center and you know lies was the best part of all that tell me you’re gonna try it she is like all things let’s go herbs and garlic cheese it’s so good.

We’ve just walked all the way through that little shopping area and now we’re in Dam Square which is the central like Amsterdam districts you’ve got like a big open courtyard setting the sky is kind of ugly today that nice gray sky but it’s pretty horrible no it’s true overall it’s it’s a really really pretty city I’m shocked at how small it is we’re probably about five minutes away from the red-light district which by the time we get there it’s gonna be pretty close to dark so we’ve just walked through the red light and for obvious reasons I couldn’t really film it because first of all there’s big no film signs secondly it’s gonna be monetize the video and thirdly because you need to respect that these ladies do not want to be on YouTube it is kind of in my opinion very very sad place how it works is you’re walking through like some of these narrow alleyways some of it’s even on the canal and you’ve got red lights everywhere and you’ll see ladies either waiting by the window some of them are jerae they’re kind of like eyeing up what they hope to be their next customer for me this is not my side of Amsterdam but it is nonetheless a big part of what people know of Amsterdam and whether you want to explore it or not it’s totally up to you we’ve had an incredible dinner you have to check out blue I had like the most amazing dinner with steak Kathy had mussels.

I had a dom blush which is basically like a vanilla ice cream fudge sundae it was so amazing it was about 65 euros but for the two of us to eat the way we did was worth every single one of them now we’re gonna go get ourselves a bike so that we can get around on this beautiful gray rainy day you’re officially in Amsterdam Ian I just reminded me of the best story from last night Kathy and I were walking around there was this local couple both riding on the same bike and this lady was going King cling cling cling and I didn’t clue in that she was like making a Bell noise and I’m like they have the weirdest language here and Kathy’s like now that I don’t think they’re speaking Dutch they’re just making the Bell noise oh is that a line well sometimes the good places require a little waiting so from the outside it looks like a tiny cute little pancake shop but from the inside it’s like a fortune 500 company they’ve got like lines of the door with you can’t like probably a good 50 tables in here this place is doing business so let’s see if it lives up to the hype we both got savory pancakes I got the French and mine has my two favorite things in the entire world sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese I see why it’s busy and I would definitely recommend if you’re coming Amsterdam come check this place out because foods amazing a very popular area for shopping it has a lot of coffee shops it’s just really trendy and it’s called like that because it has nice streets and also check it out I see why nobody bothers with the car you can get from place to place so fast and it’s really fun actually it’s like all brick streets but it’s super smooth easy riding little tiny canals and little magical experience here as we go through the 9th streets 5 minutes way from 9th Street with a bicycle and you’re over in the flower market on the southern end of central Amsterdam I think this might be a bit of a summer destination here maybe it’d be a little bit more vibrant there’s tulip season which is in the spring and that’s one of the times where you can come and see extremely beautiful vibrant fields full of tulips that’d be a really cool time to come see em Sudan alright guys take note here cuz I’m about to show you the world’s best pick-up line thank you okay I just need to find a lucky lady my love for you will last until it dies you know why right so there are two ways to interpret this or you were looking forever or you’re not for me it’s fake or it’s a real to live we only have about a week left ok is it real it’s an artificial tulip that’s the beauty of the pickup lines you see technically saying our love will never die because this is plastic this guy has never been late for a meeting in his life that building we just took our bikes through is called the Rijksmuseum and it is the National Museum here in Amsterdam about a five minute bike ride away from the museum we’re now going to meet with a friend of mine who I haven’t seen since high school and apparently she’s been living in Amsterdam for like two years well the piece that will recommend that is to use two loves because there are some people that say the bike so there is a love that goes right inside the bike in the wheel in the wheel and then you’ve got another one that it is change that you basically tied to a pole didn’t see me there did you by local suggestion we’ve come here to a place called the avocado show I got myself this sweet potato baked with sriracha avocado sour cream and pulled chicken these are my two friends here well brand new friends Thank You Olivia and I went to like high school elementary school all sorts of school together well you chose for me on a table I love God oh yes you’re so evil mine has spice on it so she can’t eat it she’s new strategy you want to keep me away from your food just put spicy sauce on top everything was really really good but in particular I loved the sweet potato with the chicken but my favorite our favorite chai latte it’s really good guys isn’t my top two so when in Amsterdam do as the Amsterdam Ian’s do we’re gonna be riding double here on this bicycle because they’re gonna steal the other bike yes hey guys so welcome to the ride Katzie my co-pilot here right now we’re driving through wobble Dhaval park but it’s slow to w2 w’s wobble double Clark everyone all good things involve away and we’ve been waiting outside for like 20-30 minutes we’re now at what should be a really really awesome cocktail spot kind of off the beaten path but back towards central Amsterdam when you get the menu every cocktail has like a little story associated with it but what I’m most interested in is this catching women drink I catch up cocktail that is my nightmare Oh see it’s not actual catch up I like the rest of us yeah mine is amazing a couple of drinks later and now it is time to go and get ourselves some fries local secret number two it’s not really a secret at all because we got a hit in line again who’s manic pins mannequin pissed and it’s been voted number one Holland fries a lot of people here a lot of good fries let’s try it okay here goes nothing [Music] that’s really good so we just had our final night here at mr.

Jordan you’re looking for good value you got to check out that hotel right there it’s just awesome it’s definitely not cheap because Amsterdam super expensive if you’re staying downtown but I think it’s probably the best you’ll get for your dollar now we’re heading off to check into another hotel but we do have one thing we want to do for breakfast so let’s do this this place is called re 7 kind of a cool spot on the nine bridges it’s really trendy it’s about amazing little desserts that you can Instagram I give it a 7 3 7 and give a 7 but the chai latte was a 10 and the snacks are really beautiful it’d be free just checked into our final room here in Amsterdam and if you’re looking for something on the more premium end of what Amsterdam has to offer and you like modern then this is where you want to stay this is the W Amsterdam and our room is so modern I love it we have a huge window right here looking out onto the main road here and this is pretty close to Dam Square so we’re like in the center of Amsterdam everything is like just a walk away from here you don’t even need a bike tucked away inside the mirror unit well lit probably 20 foot ceilings it’s like a modern chic industrial feel to it basically like going through a lock you have this cozy space that you get to call your own.

So one of the main things that you can do in Amsterdam something that you wouldn’t really want to do in the cold time of winter taking a boat out on the canal is like one of the must do things here my friends are telling me last night that apparently you can download an app that will let you rent a boat without any boat license and just take it out on the canal you should definitely check that out if you’re gonna be here during the warmer months and as promised I wanted to tell you guys how you can get your new website up and running in under a day this is Squarespace and they often think about Squarespace is it allows you to do everything in one place from selecting your website’s name building a beautiful beautiful website with just a few clicks you could have it all up and running in less than a day I’ve been using Squarespace for two years now and I’ve really really enjoyed using them and if you use my link down below it’ll allow you to save 10% off your first purchase.

This is our final few moments here in Amsterdam and I wanted to conclude Amsterdam is the kind of place you have to come here to experience it because not everything can be told through video it’s kind of one of the places where you come and you just enjoy the atmosphere it’s got a peaceful side it’s got a fun side it’s got everything you’re looking for and it’s so easy to get around because it’s a small city for me that winter experience is probably not how I’d want to see it I think.

I would probably want to come here in the summer or in the spring when you could take out the boats go on the canal be outside without wearing a bundle of jackets so guys if you’re new to the lost leblanc channel join team get lost by hitting the subscribe button hit the like button if you really enjoyed this video and comment down below if you guys have other recommendations for Amsterdam yeah I make a video every Saturday almost without fail sort of let’s get lost again in the next one

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