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Home » Getting Tattooed by a 102 Year Old… WHANG OD (Philippines Travel Vlog)
Getting Tattooed by a 102 Year Old... WHANG OD (Philippines Travel Vlog)

Getting Tattooed by a 102 Year Old… WHANG OD (Philippines Travel Vlog)

Today we have flown all the way here to Metro Manila Philippines just for a slight chance to meet a 102 year old tattoo artist by the name of Juan odd.

Now Wang odd is the final remaining of her kind she is part of the Kalinga tribe a tribe that was once known for being headhunters but first thing is first we need to now find one God.

Excuse me you know where Wang on it Wang up you know where I can find Wang odd now this donut hey you know I could find Wang odd I really running out of luck you man they’re good they’re only ho yeah dude I was literally researching it last night why didn’t you say something earlier well our bus doesn’t leave until tonight and I mean this is this has just been fun they’re so friendly like it’s kind of the Filipino nature especially when they see a camera they just smile like ten times bigger than they’re already smiling such a beautiful place really cool high five.

Okay guys so my buddy will let us stay the night here at his mom’s house Thank You Shari and we’re now heading out to go up north so turns out you can either drive which would be like five and a half hours to this town but instead we’re taking the bus which is gonna be eight to ten hours because we forgot our drivers licenses and because well it’s part of the experience part of the journey of getting up north and then we have to hike to the village it’s gonna be a long freakin travel day okay all right oh my god it’s freezing it’s really cool here so they advertise power outlets here’s the catch there’s only one of them in the very front of the bus and that’s the only one they also advertise Wi-Fi which conveniently it’s down but on the bright side we have yeah I feel like wait you’re filtering the ride it’ll just wipe it cleann live right off yeah come on my bed lining when I was 13 I mean six I stole my bed me like this.

Now seems like a better time than ever to introduce my comrade here in our upcoming adventures and get inked this is camp you haven’t seen him already he is my roommate he is one of my best friends and we lived together in Bali and this is the first time we’ve traveled together outside of Indonesia so crazy cheers to that we basically have two and a half days so just barely over 48 hours to do everything we definitely are a little stressed because we’ve heard that you can’t see Wang odd unless you stay like at least a few days in the village we’ve even heard that her health is questionable right now and it’s not like there’s like a live blog post there’s no real way to contact them to the right information it doesn’t really exist you just have to show up I have no expectations going into this.

I slept a little bit last night one of the most broken sleeps but I’ll show you how I did it there’s two positions I rotated between we have here the head rush and all the blood goes to your head and then I’d alternate to the anti-climatic cannonball we have literally just pulled up here – bontoc do you know where is a restaurant to get breakfast guys just checking to see if anything is open is it Sunday they would be open at 7:00.

Okay so just like it so much you don’t want to get out okay so to kill time we got ourselves a breakfast here it’s now time to head out into the pouring rain and try to find ourselves a quick umbrella a jacket of some sort that’s water repellent do you know if weighing odd is still tattoo me she is Oh perfect the last bus was like a frozen meat locker this one on the other hand is nice and humid so the sweaters coming off one of the things we read online is that you have to pay between four hundred and a thousand pesos for your tattoo but generally it’s kind of expected that you also bring a gift and so we thought to ourselves what could you possibly buy 102 year old woman I’ve never had to shop for one before but luckily our tricycle driver gave us some tips so we picked up some water resistant matches we got four packs of these we got a bunch of different kinds of candies things that they really appreciate up there we really don’t know if we’re gonna get the opportunity to be tattooed by weighing on let alone mint her so alright guys so we literally got dropped off by the bus just the side of the road I forgot my water bottle doing such a hurry to get off the bus and this is our guy he’s gonna take us up by motorbike to our next stop yeah I guess I’ll see you there.

I can show you oh okay all right so we are now at the top so we’ve gone from one bus to another bus we went on a motorbike we got dropped off at the top of the hill and now we have to walk up to blank odds village so in total the entire travel times gonna be close to like probably 14 hours including like a two-hour hike yeah this is our guide here he’s gonna be showing us around you need a guide to go to the village yeah okay they’re not getting more oh yeah all the way down there if you’re watching this video don’t tell anyone else about it.

Figured if your crass a bit gnarlier than we expected we cut down probably most of the hike by taking the motorbike up here but no motorbike will get you down that valley and back up the final stretch one thing in the past they used to do is basically just take like a lemon thorn and they would probably use it multiple times across multiple people which of course is a huge hazard for like you know blood contamination and you don’t know what the person before you had so now I have to say I’m very happy about this because that’s this is my reservation about getting a tattoo you can buy your own so that you don’t have to worry about it no one else has ever used it so you’ll be the only one and you get to keep it you can use mine after I’m done with it we can split the cost already consider us brothers as it is let’s make a fish as long as I go first it’s the shortest one but you know for you size of the matters it’s about how you use it and so yeah that’s it I agree that’s a winner a fallen comrade obviously something toxic about it because everyone’s surface and then you just pull the machete out just cuts it off my leg luckily my leg didn’t go with it but I’m gonna change my pants now I think so we have just registered basically like a check into the village and we’re doing a one night stay at a homestay so currently Roger is gonna bring us to wherever we’re spending the night sounds like we have a good shot at getting a tattoo by tomorrow which would be really awesome all right cam move along let’s go yeah oh sorry here sorry did I who’s that man I’ve been working really hard okay I don’t need that I there are just pigs everywhere this is pig village I think we’re getting close so it’s kind of crazy like it looked a lot smaller from the bottom of the hill but once you get up here it’s like a labyrinth of tight little like passages little tiny bridges and walkways that bring you along the hillside connecting all the homes we made an audible bro celebratory high-five hand slap yeah it’s our home all right this is that let’s go on home stay this is it home sweet home I like it Hey the view is beautiful we’re all the way on the edge of the village too so there’s like nothing else around us so I want to choose you guys – Lucy Lucy Lucy actually recognized me from a few the Phillipines videos we’ve done but Lucy’s husband runs and owns this place it’s so so cool because we’re just hanging out here with the local people hearing a little bit about the area the culture and the awesome thing is we’re actually hearing that we came I like the perfect time Sunday’s are kind of like the end of the busy period and then by Monday everyone’s kind of cleared out of the village so we’ve done well with our timing coincidentally all right guys welcome to lost cribs and today I’m going to show you around the boost Galan crib come on in dear God all right room tour is over yeah so it’s wider than king mattress if you combine the two mats on the floor which we’ll definitely do one of the characteristics of the tattoos here actually I mean they look better than this there but they’re very like real like they look like they were done by hand they don’t have a perfection to them and that’s kind of the beauty and it actually is the fact that every single one of them is different every single one of them kind of slightly deviates from like a perfect pattern or perfect symmetry so we’ve been hanging out here at the guest house and I’ve been trying out some tattoo ideas on myself here trying to get myself more comfortable with the idea of having something I can always see they told us we might actually be able to get our tats same day today okay Willie purse this is a huge cookout come see this I’ve never seen a bowl so big in my life oh my gosh just don’t think about the pigs we saw in the way okay okay I’ll try we are literally getting the best of the best right now like we said I mean everyone just headed out of the Village People inviting us into their homes to eat their pond seats and you know celebrate Gilbert’s birthday Gilbert happy third birthday if you’re watching don’t forget to smash it like button we traveled about 16 hours to get all the way here just to have some ink some charcoal put into our skin and the time has come we have kind of gotten super super lucky as I’ve said before and they’ve I think kind of slipped us in earlier than most people ever would have experienced when they come visit a combination of meeting the right people and being here on a weekday has really helped us I basically get a same-day tattoo so we’re gonna go meet with my god now this is how the real men get their tattoos done take off things hi there nice to meet you I’m Christian thank you for having us so these are for you and these are matches I’m Christian Wow I don’t even know how to I so weird like kind of thrown into that situation with no context on like what is normal what is not normal all I knew was like you know she looked like she was eating I wanted to give her space rod just like go say hi go in so yeah we gave her some gifts she gave us a big smile I felt really welcomed we’re just gonna wait outside for her to finish eating and yeah if we’re lucky then both of us will get tattooed today but this is why we came all the way here guys was 2 meters long odd the legacy 102 years old and I’m gonna butcher the name mumble mama batta mom babbit are and that is one of the final not two masters yeah so linga tattoo master mom ba ba ba ba ba ba ba tuck and I’ve even heard the rumor that technically it’s like she’s the final mom of a talk but you know at the end of the day the art form will continue with her family with her descendants right and you’ll be able to come to this village probably many years to come to get similar work done but for me it’s it’s extra special that we’re getting it done by her.

There’s no one better to be giving me a tattoo but it still gives me a bit of like anxiety because that’s like it’s permanent it’s forever but it’s an important one means a lot so why not is just getting her studio set up it’s good time guys time cheap this so so we’re we’re into our tattoo now and on this pain scale I give it about a five it’s not a sharp pain but it’s repetitive it’s just – flip – flip took took but we’re all having fun here hi guys I got my tattoo there it is it’s looking a little swollen right now my skin definitely feels irritated it was quite painful actually it went on for probably no more than a minute but repetitive tick tick tick tick tick tick tick so the pain scale is about a five but the continuty brought it up to a seven maybe a six but I really really am so happy with it and I know that this is something that I’ll always love it it has so much meaning so much purpose this was the journey to get a tattoo like super shaky.

Thank you very much how do you feel right now dude stuff it’s crap why she went in for round two I was like oh so we obviously needed a special handshake now three fingers connect yeah yeah we literally just got back and I kid you not the rain hasn’t slowed at all in fact it’s picked up we’ve been here for like four hours it’s just been going and going and there’s no signs of clear skies but the only thing that matters right now is that it was 500 pesos for both of us so that’s like sick ten bucks for both of us so five dollars per tattoo for a signature Wang odd tattoo five dollars I think the guides about thousand pesos for the day which is about twenty bucks for the two of us my number one tip is just come during the weekday it’s really gonna cut down the crowds and you’ll get that more authentic experience you’ve many tattoos.

I have no they’ve all like different ones have been received at different points in my life so obviously you grow up you change you go through different phases and to me that’s that’s the that’s the best part about tattoos like your body is a blank canvas when you’re young you don’t have any life experience yet and then as you gain experience as you go through different chapters in your life you gain these memories and that’s what each tattoo is to me it’s it’s a memory or a chapter in my life as stupid as it may be what’s up dude was this one that was a very cliche chapter okay it looks like it says this if you really pursue it technically looks like it’s a big thanks a lot IVA Kim getting a second set here what is it it’s the Sun and Moon but one of the coolest things is how she’s designing it so she’s the bottle cap with charcoal to give the perfect circle and now she’s using a twig and folding it into different sizes so that she can get those perfectly geometric geometric perpendicular and symmetrical lining what do you think should I get another one 100% yeah I’m just seeing like how nice this is turning out and I’m like mm-hmm I think I want to get an arrow I’ve always wanted one time to do it drawing on Christians tattoos yeah it’s just one over to the right would be like nicely done on my wrist like kind of a mock-up and then I’m like yeah it’s not centered so we’ve just restarted the whole thing for like this is perfect imagine if I do this the Weingard Sarah here is a 17 year old tattoo artist and she’s from my understanding from the same family as Wang odd right first contact it’s not my favorite spot I’m just glad there has been patient with me today so camps that I could have one line honestly just way too much pressure I don’t know if I want to touch your foot oh I’m suck.

All right guys well thanks for watching hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe Wow feels good tonight was a really big night the arrow here is something I’ve been wanting to get for a long time it’s cool for me because it means that sometimes to move forward just like an arrow does you actually have to move backwards it’s a reminder to keep moving forward not to get too cliche with it it’s just something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and so to be able to do it somewhere meaningful have it done with this traditional style it’s just awesome tea in the morning and a good morning to everyone how’d you sleep like very stubborn ROC mad lad Roger how you doing nice hi guys bye bye yeah yeah we’re saying goodbye to boost Galan village to wayanad and to everyone else they made such an unbelievable stop now we’ve got a two-hour jeepney ride and in fashion we’re sitting on top of it what would you say have you been pretty happy with this trip oh my god so good such a success take care god bless no you just did that to Roger Roger no that was 12 hours in this bus it was like 2 hours in the earlier jeepney it was like an hour and a half hiking down from village I just slept so freakin good – better.

Now better Nancy and that’s the best food option that you have here in Manila this is spiral you’ve got like French food Filipino food you’ve got Vietnamese you’ve got Chinese you’ve got dice like French you end up being left with major FOMO because you want to eat everything but you physically cannot and then you go baby bacon shame on you dude what are you talking about the only thing culture here’s a Poisson what’s on exactly experiencing the French culture simple and that right there is how you end an incredible trip that’s you brothers for life you just subscribe button hit that like button if you really enjoyed today’s video and let’s get lost again in the next one

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