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CHEAP escape from the COLD of WINTER - MEXICO on a BUDGET

CHEAP escape from the COLD of WINTER – MEXICO on a BUDGET

Are you feeling tired of being snowed in tired of gray clouds and non-stop rain well this tropical escape might be your best way out of the cold winter and best of all it probably won’t cost you any more than a trip to your local ski resort now today’s budget dose of vitamin D starts with booking a flight.

For me it was a round-trip five-hour flight from Vancouver Canada to the Cancun Mexico Airport the awesome thing was it was about four hundred and forty dollars US including luggage and today’s video is sponsored by Squarespace so stick around till the end of the video to find out how you can make a website just like I did once again kun it was time to get out of Cancun so my buddy Luke and I rented a car from national Cancun for $22.50 a day from there we made about a three night budget trip to Tulum which you can actually watch by clicking in the top right corner but for today’s video we’re gonna keep driving self to Bakalar four hours of driving from Cancun and about two hours from Tulum.

We have arrived in Bakalar we checked ourselves into a hotel by the name of Casa zazul and we stayed there for a couple of nights for the price this hotel had some of the best ratings in the area and I definitely can’t dispute them buenos dias buongiorno and welcome to another day here in baccala we are just getting into our taxi that has been arranged for our tour this morning to the lagoons we’ve got a motorboat sketch because they’re gonna give us a little tour around the lagoon so why escape in North American winter and come to baccala well.

The first reason is right here that beautiful beautiful blue water some of the best in the world and the crazy thing is this is actually not the ocean this is a lake right here.

So we’re in a lagoon completely isolated by land and there’s cenotes all around it you’ll see different shades of blue some of them being as light as this where it’s you know 1 to 3 meters deep and then other areas are gonna be super dark blues where you can have the water get as deep as 90 meters.

We’re going in to the lagoon whoa a little bit cold actually so here’s the lagoon there’s actually a few sections where there’s cenotes and they’re not your typical kind of cenotes they’re not like the ones we saw in saloon that were like caves they’re a bit different on the right conditions which it’s getting close to.

Now the water will just pop with the blue today’s been a beautiful day so far all right guys we just got back to our place here and that was a really cool day trip what’d you think it was nice I liked it yeah I thought it was unexpected some would even say it was a dream where how does it feel to have that much power right at your disposal well I’m just kidding when we were renting this car we got the best comment best advice from a fellow Canadian traveler she’s like I always rent the Nissan March because nobody’s gonna bother stealing it and I was like that’s some sound advice is that really what you said that’s why I dropped March that’s like eita as my VN wow we’re like going into the jungle just to get to our food I like this place already you look like you’re looking through a map like you’re about to explore your next meal I like that I need like my glasses oh you need a monocle perfect amount of taco mucho gusto muy bien muy bien your lips are like turning orange yeah I only go Andre anymore baby really gross one taco sometimes it’s better to travel solo la playita was so good that we came back the very next day well it’s definitely not cheap from Mexico it was so worth it so one of the crazy things about baccala is that it’s actually quite close to Belize and if you don’t know Belize is known for its blue hole which is like an incredible dive center it’s just a massive opening in the middle of the seafloor basically they’ve got their own little mini blue holes here on Bakalar lake that is so sick it’s like a self propelling surfboard guys I love this place the tacos the ambiance and just the location if you want to find a place to just hang on baccala eat some food and relax for the day this is a really really good place to come and I think that’s kind of like what baccala is it’s not gonna be that happening of a place it’s definitely a sleeper town but if you’re here to relax then this is definitely a good spot to do it Bakalar was a cute little romantic state for the two of us but don’t you very romantic it’s time to keep moving because today’s gonna be a full-on travel day with a lot of hours on the road and the only way to manage all that is to leave super early good morning sweetheart look at you and you’re curvy little features morning March that flat bottom just kissed a car quick little stop a talk so for a top-up this morning coffee essentials ready to go sandwich tuna too let’s go so I wanted to stop here to show you this road because it’s so beautiful coming through here at sunrise right now we pass by a car maybe every five minutes the roads practically empty the only thing is it does keep you on your toes because every now and then it just throws in an unmarked speed bump when you’re going like 140 so the tip delay it’s only the entrance to towns that they do that but still they don’t market very well it’s kind of hard to tell there was one we like literally came to a screeching slow down just to get not airlifted basically from the speed bump but off to a good morning and we’re almost on time to make it there for the opening of the cenote about three hours later with a fair bit of speed we have made it here from baccala all the way to cenote Oxman we’re the only ones here right now this is what we’re going down to down into there we go so we’ve got one of the world’s most beautiful cenotes all to ourselves what better way to make an entrance and what’s right here the old rope swing all right the boys are going on a double swing date okay guys we found a solution here three this is a really special place here guys I mean if you can manage it get up crazy early drive yourself here before anyone else arrives it’s worth the lack of sleep I was kind of dying on the way here exhausted but I wouldn’t have had this moment here of just like literally having it to ourselves and a couple other people it’s just incredible welcome to Chichen Itza and welcome to attempt.

Number two of trying to get in because we got turned back we had our two bags and I knew they were gonna search you for drones so we left all the drone stuff behind and then Elvis and he just decides that oh there’s two cameras you guys are obviously professionals and he had no grounds but he was basically like yeah you can’t bring your cameras in but with a bit of smooth-talking we’re now allowed to bring this camera and if you saw the tulum video I did I mentioned that we went to Coba and koba was the one that was that competition with Chichen itzá and I have to say that I think they won I think there’s a bit of a landslide victory on the architectural front this place is on another level the symmetry is incredible the build quality looks a lot better the only disappointing thing is that we’ve got fences here while it’s all beautiful you cannot touch backward dude this is the real chichén itzá is a massive tour shop full of people trying to sell you things everything from the Jaguar noises OH – the little necklaces and rings and stuff but I don’t know I expected this holy expected this yeah wherever you went this morning that was the real the real trip of my mind yeah Chichen Itza is considered as one of the seven wonders in the world and it was actually built in 600 AD this is where the Mayans used to make human sacrifice to the gods which is pretty neat I don’t think everyone needs to do this if you’re a history buff this is for you if you’re somebody that wants to get a cool Instagram photo maybe for you one of the incredible things though is that they do still have the local people here and I don’t know where they work today they didn’t really show up but I don’t know word on the street is they still live here in easton itza so we are so hungry after all that we’ve done this morning and we’ve seen this little tiny place on the side of the road we figure gonna give me a shot I don’t know what to expect but I don’t know it looks decent Katzie I need you so badly right now I have no idea if this is an entree this is like the starter how do we eat this they could go like this I’m pretty sure you take this these items here and like we’re going with it addition into there’s the beans okay now this is what I’m excited for right here so these are like I don’t know there’s eggs inside yeah there’s egg inside of it it’s like bread with egg inside I’m a truly lost gringo but my little tortilla thing with a bit of beef or unless this is pork this is Barker’s into my bean sauce life’s good it’s very good I wanna see.

Hi we’ve arrived at our second final destination of the day it’s been a big day entrada here was 120 pesos which is about like six or seven bucks Oh crazy so we’re not here during the right time of the day but there’s actually a light directly above that during the perfect time when the light is overhead it will just basically land on that platform yeah that was awesome we got to go because we have about two and a half hours to get to our next destination Google Maps shakeela sounds like tequila tequila but after almost six or seven hours on the road so far we had another two hours to go to get ourselves to CH Aquila from there we had a 20 minute ferry but I highly recommend you don’t miss the last one that runs around 9:30 p.m.

That night make sure to check the ferry schedule for yourself so we’ve just checked into our new room here Luke’s actually stayed behind on the beach to do a bit of work it’s about oh this is where I’m staying its called J hall box J is definitely known as one of the livelier hostels on the island and I highly recommend it everything from having a hundred and forty peso all-you-can-eat taco night to having really clean and awesome facilities so these are the streets of Halle and basically the only way to get around is either with a bicycle or an off-roading golf mobile this is a stretch limo one very cool for like we’re doing walk so as we’re walking down the white sand is getting finer and finer and we’re seeing all these beautiful murals everything very colorfully painted there’s actually a few little hostels and guest houses around here perfect white sand and we’re gonna have some breakfast right along it what a vibe the hostel is actually on the other side of the island and right now we’re on like the opposite of the ferry side and this is definitely the side you want to be on it’s got the beautiful beautiful whites and the palm trees the blue water the other side is not like that beautiful to be honest I knew there must be more to it than what we’d seen but now I’m understanding this place it is gorgeous and this is a restaurant we were recommended so the mandarina was beautiful and the food was really really good the catch it’s basically Canadian or American pricing but I thought it was worth it but the view the ambiance and the food itself was all really awesome just like in Tulum Hall Bosh was actually hit by Sargasso pretty hard but luckily as of my last visit in January 2019 there was no active Sargasso it was basically just the leftovers washing ashore while that’s not pretty I must say it’s not hard to look past it and enjoy this beautiful island for what it really is I think a 2 to 3 nights stay here is perfect this is an incredible island it’s been a day of chillin we haven’t really showed you much at all Bosh but what you can see is it is so beautiful it’s your typical island where you’ve got day trips this flamingos here but it’s not the right season you can’t visit them right now cuz they’re hatching their eggs for me I would just come here if you’re trying to escape the North American cold winter just get a place stay here for three four days relax by the beach it is so beautiful this is like one of my ideal spots I’ve really enjoyed it questo 50 peso all right cincuenta yo aprender español mobian this is honest come on amigo when a musica the total cost of everything we’ve done from transportation accommodation food is around this amount right here you can see here that it wasn’t that expensive you could easily have stayed at home in your province in your state and gone on a little family vacations and paid just as much money by doing whatever you were gonna do you may pay more upfront on a flight but where you save money is on food and accommodation and transportation everything once you get to Mexico will become a lot cheaper if you’re smart with your money and a kid just fell god bless his heart if you’re thinking about building your own website then look no further because Squarespace is the place to do it I’ve been using a Squarespace website for about two years now and the amazing thing about it is that it’s an all-in-one shop you can buy your domain name you can use all of their beautiful templates to have a beautiful website within a few clicks and best of all you can run your own e-commerce store directly through it so you can be selling merchandise or travel guides or whatever you want to sell through your website all in one place if you’ve even been considering building a website then go check out the link down below it’s just backslash loss leblanc and using that link will actually get you 10% off just give you a 5 10% off your purchase of a domain or website and I also want to say if you’re planning to do a trip to Mexico after watching this video definitely go watch my previous video in Tulum where I show you guys how to make the most of that place on a budget guys I post a video every Saturday don’t forget to hit subscribe and until then let’s get lost again in the next one

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