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– Money. It can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a Rolls-Royce. It can buy a night’s stay in the same room as Kim Kardashian stayed, and it can buy countless other cool things

This week, we’re going to be exploring Dubai’s most luxurious experiences to find out, is it all worth it? (water splashes) We are currently in Dubai, which is a global destination for millionaires and billionaires to spend fat stacks.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was working a job that paid me $30,000 a year, and so to think that you can drop thousands of dollars a night on a hotel, on a dinner, on a cupcake, it blows my mind, and I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand it.

– I’m curious to know why people spend so much money on these kind of activities and products, so I think this is a perfect opportunity to turn it up. – Starting by going to the JBR Rixos, where we will be staying for two nights in their Limited Edition Crystal Suites on the very top floor. I can’t wait. Let’s go check it out.

All right, guys, so we are now on the the top floor of the Rixos JBR, and we are about to enter into the Limited Edition Crystal Suite. And right now, I just checked online. Like, with taxes and fees, $7,500 dollars US a night. (upbeat electronic music) This is actually one of the highest up views, if not the highest, in the entire JBR region. – I have never seen something like this.

– The biggest Ferris wheel in the world is right there. So, it’s a two-bedroom suite, and both bedrooms are the same, so I’m just gonna show you one of them.

Looks like the bed’s in use. A beautiful king-size bed, and what again I love most is just that view right there. The Ferris wheel, the beach.

Poppin’ bottles! You gotta shake it a little bit, don’t you? – No, I won’t! – [Christian] Yeah, how often do you get a $7,000 a night place? Come on, shake it up.

(laughs) – What if I break something? (cork pops) (Christian laughs) – You left a mark in the roof. (laughs) She actually left a mark in the roof. (glasses clink) – This suite comes with any vehicle you want. It could be a Ferrari– – Rolls-Royce.

– Rolls-Royce, a Lamborghini. – McLaren, yep. (chuckles) – And then what I like the most is that you have unlimited spa. Guys, unlimited spa. – And if you stay for three nights, I think they said, you get a helicopter ride.

– You can go and order the most expensive steak or the most expensive drink, and you can have it and don’t worry about paying after, because you already paid. – So, this is a first for me, but we have a luxury menu for cars.

My question is, today, madam, what can I offer you? (upbeat electronic music) All right, guys, I am so stoked right now. This is one of the coolest luxury things that you can do here in Dubai, and that is taking out a five-star exotic car onto the track.

And for today, we have a Porsche GT4. I feel like I’m in a death trap. There’s like minimalist everything to be as light as possible. – [Katy] One last kiss? – (kisses) I love you guys.

(engine revs) – You’re alive! – I wanna go fast! That was so great. – It was really fun. – This is a different beast.

(upbeat electronic music) This is a monster. (Katy laughs) Good luck. (engine revs) – This is the first step. I look like a nun. – [Christian] It is now Katy’s turn to take out the Porsche GT4.

(engine revs) Here comes Katy, racing down the track! Oh! – I actually, I don’t know if you said it for real, but you said at some point that I went faster than Christian? – I need to check the time, but I think you did.

(squeals) (Christian laughs) – Guys, Dubai Autodrome, it was so, so much fun.

If you’re looking to try an exotic car, this is definitely the place to do it. (mellow electronic music) All right, guys, good morning and welcome to the beach-front right in front of the Rixos. It’s gotta be like 35 to 40 degrees. With that being said, the ocean must be a little bit refreshing, right? Not at all.

I think when we start going a little bit faster on the jet skis, it’s either going to be refreshing, or it’ll feel like we’re in a blow dryer.

Not sure which one it’ll be. ♪ Lose your dream ♪ – I love it! ♪ Uh red is the, red is the ♪ ♪ Red is the river ♪ ♪ Gotta learn ♪ (vocalizing) – [Christian] Time for lunch. – Today we’ve procured a beautiful tour through the islands in this beauty over here.

It’s a private yacht. – Again, this is a first for me. Never in my life have I been on a yacht, and never did I expect to be on one. This is truly one of Dubai’s most luxurious experiences. (upbeat electronic music) Oh.

Oh, hi there. – Hi! – We’re only doing a two-hour tour around the harbor, but of course, many people rent these for multiple nights and they go out to sea.

And that’s why you need some living quarters here. You’ve got the bathroom, and this right here is the master.

Well, that was the exclusive yacht experience. It was incredible. Thank you very much. Now it’s time to head back to the hotel and get ready for our next ultra mega expensive luxury activity. (upbeat tango music) So, right now we are in the Atlantis Resort.

It is like nothing else in the world. It’s so incredible. Everything is marine-based. There’s aquariums everywhere. Tens and tens of thousands of marine life in the building.

Moray eels, wow.

(mellow electronic music) So, how was your first ever underwater yoga class? – It was very challenging. Definitely it was more advanced level than I usually do, but it was so mind blowing. – So, we spent the morning stretching next to the fish.

Now, it’s time to go touch the fish. We’re doing the– ♪ Buh buh buh buh ♪ VIP Dive! So, I have my PADI, so I actually didn’t need to go through the course, but Katy had to take a little 20 minute orientation. She’s now– – And take a test. – Theoretically ready.

Theoretically. We’ll see if she survives it. Eh. (Katy inhales deeply) – I’m ready. – That’s good, yeah.

That’s good practice. (Katy laughs) 11 million liters of H20! Lots of sharks, lots of rays. But as I always say, another day, another manta ray. (upbeat music) (singing in foreign language) Here’s the crazy part.

You know, what we did earlier today was incredible, one in a million, but it’s not truly the most luxurious of Dubai, and this is what this video is all about.

We want to show you the most expensive, craziest, the wildest, and we are about to show you inside the Atlantis, the most expensive hotel room in all of UAE, arguably one of the most expensive in the entire world, and it all starts right here with a secret entrance. Misses Katy? (speaks foreign language) Please, lead us through. This is a private entrance.

All right. – Ta-da! – There’s only two buttons, and here we are! This I the entrance to the Bridge Suite here at the Atlantis, and it’s up to us to figure out why is it so much? Everything is incredibly detailed.

– More real shells! – Real shells, yep. Marble flooring. I’m sure that’s all hand-painted. – There are so many things to see.

You have a long hall, but actually many rooms. Everything’s so beautiful. Look at this door. Bathroom. – [Christian] Ooh, the golden butt spray.

If you don’t spray your but with gold, than you’re doing something wrong. – Ooh, shower. One, two, three, six. – I don’t think this is even the master. This is just a spare.

– I think I can finally say you put your credit card in the reception, right? So, I’m just gonna stay longer.

– Oh yeah, please, just tack on a few nights. It’s no problem. (Katy laughs) Please help me.

Ooh. For when you have guests over, you need a place for them to stay, and this looks like a pretty decent suite to entertain with. (Katy laughs) (Christian laughs) Hup! (laughs) – I love how they decorated. Look at that screen!

– That is the biggest TV I have ever seen! So, as I’m sure you guys are used to when you grew up, you know, your mom would tell you to wash your hands. She’d always say, if there’s no gold in the soap, your hands are gonna remain filthy, so luckily here at the Atlantis, they’ve got you covered. ‘Cause there’s gold flakes inside of their hand soap.

It’s over?

– So, we still need to see the other half. – So, how much is this place a night? Well, it depends on what season you come, but certain times of the year, I’ve heard it can get as high as $27,000 US dollars. Three years ago when I was working downtown, doing the accounting grind, my annual income was about what this cost for one night. So, now it is time to show you the master bedroom.

Are you excited? – Yes. This looks like an entire different lobby. It’s a lobby for the master bedroom. – An entrance into luxury.

This is the bed. (laughs) Can you imagine if you broke it? Just off of the king bed here is a little office area. Nice desk to do some work. – You usually see in a bathroom his sink and then her sink.

Here you have his bathroom and her bathroom. No, for real! – Is this gonna be yours? – Yeah, there’s the same. – [Christian] Okay, sweet.

I’m gonna go check out my bathroom. (Katy laughs) They’re the exact same. – Exactly the same. Each of them have this fancy, AM jacuzzi. – Jacuzzi, ooh.

– One, two three. (polka music) – So, my favorite thing about the suite– (both laugh) A modern day Cleopatra. – Where are my grapes? – I love checkers! Hey, Katy!

– Yes? – Can you pass me the salt? – No! (Christian mimics rim shot) (Katy laughs) – So, one of the craziest features of the suite is the 24-7 service, or a 24-7 butler.

And this is Ferdinand.

He’s going to be taking amazing care of us today and tonight. – Hello. (explosion booms) (hands clap) (glasses clink) – This right here takes the cake as the most beautiful hotel room I have ever seen. – Everything is really well integrated. What we wanna do now is just enjoy ourself, because usually we’re filming so much.

Well, I think this time we’re gonna turn off the camera and we are just gonna enjoy this amazing place.

– Once in a lifetime opportunity, and we will take you out for dinner and drinks later tonight, down below. (mellow electronic music) So I just ordered the $65 premium beluga shot, and essentially you have to take the oyster first, and then and from there, you chase it with your bloody Mary shot. Here we go. (Katy laughs) A lot of flavor.

(cash register chimes) Good morning. Good morning. – Hi. – How’d you sleep? – Very bad.

– Very bad? – Yeah, because you were singing all night. You were like, (growls). (Christian laughs) – Night one, huge success, and I’m very excited because they’re actually gonna be showing us one other presidential, executive, five-star, even arguably six star suite that we’ll be checking into after we go and feed some pancake puppies.

(Katy squeals) (Katy slurps) – This I a lot harder than it looks.

(laughs) Oh my god, no! (laughs) No! (laughs) They’re biting my toes! So, you gotta feed it with a fist so they don’t actually mistake your– (laughs) Oh! – Good, now sit down.

– No, I’m, there’s no way I sit down. – [Christian] You gotta sit down. – There’s no way I sit down. Ah, my butt, my butt! (screams) (Christian laughs) – [Christian] Should I grab a little here?

– (screams) Ah, no, don’t bite me! Oh, no! (screams) (cash register chimes) – All right, so, you may not know this but in the desert you can actually have a beach day. I’m losing my voice a little bit, excuse that. (audio distorts) You can actually.

Right outside of the resort, they’ve got their own private beach.

It’s actually surprisingly clear, though. (water sloshes) Whoo! Okay, so I’m very excited right now because yesterday’s Bridge Suite was unbelievable, but we have the incredible opportunity to have one more night, and we’re gonna be showing you the different suite that they’ve given us. There’s nothing like this in the world, I don’t think.

– It’s very unique. So, actually, this suite has three layers. – You can see here, we’ve got an incredible living room, and to be honest after showing you the Bridge Suite, I don’t really wanna spend too much time showing you that, because what’s interesting about this place is down below.

So, you’ve got your own elevator, of course. Did you intentionally dress like Brittany Spears from Toxic?

Right? ♪ Oops, I did it ♪ ♪ Did it ♪ – No, Baby One More Time. ♪ So good, oh ♪ (female vocalizing) – [Christian] What? (laughs) This. – Oh my gosh!

Like, look at all, oh my gosh! – [Christian] What? Oh my gosh. – Oh my gosh. – Look at this!

This is the coolest hotel room I have ever seen.

– Pancake puppy! – [Christian] What’d you say? – A pancake puppy. – [Christian] No, it’s a pancake puppy.

This is my favorite suite I’ve ever stayed in. I’ll see you in the morning. (claps hands) – Oh my goodness! (laughs) – [Christian] Good morning! – Yeah!

(squeals) I just woke up and we saw that! – Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. – It’s actually, I’ll show you how big it is. – Oh my gosh.

– Oh my. (laughs) – [Christian] That’s the best wake-up call ever. Are you excited? – Yeah. – All right, guys, so we are about to go all the way to the tallest building in the entire world here, and we’re checking out a restaurant on top of it.

And it’s definitely with a large price tag, but that’s what this video is all about.

This right here is the fastest elevator in the entire world. – Whoa, it’s almost– – That’s how fast we’re going. – Oh, my nose is completely– – I can feel my ears. – [Katy] (laughs) We might be off!

(wails) – For about 500 AED or about $125, $150 US per person, you can get a very beautiful, elegant high tea with an incredible view from the top here. (upbeat electronic music) (violin music) – We were about to leave and they bring this beauty here. – [Christian] Oh my gosh, it even has a gold flake on it. – I know. – Have you ever eaten gold?

– No. I’m gonna definitely live past 100. – It tastes like perfume. Not that I have tried perfume before, but. (laughs) – Guys, we have just checked in here for two nights to the Grand Suite in the Rixos Palm.

It literally has the entire top floor to itself. You have your own elevator, nobody else on this floor, and it is exquisite, it is stunning, it is whatever big word you wanna use. It is beautiful. Behind me is JBR. It’s an incredible view of the beach front.

You’re looking at between 15,000 AED during the low season upward of 40,000 during special occasions. But I’m gonna give you a quick little room tour to show you what it’s all about. (upbeat electronic music) All right, we wanna wrap up this entire one week experience of living like multi-millionaires and share with you guys if we thought it made us happier. So. – First of all, this is not normal for us.

We’re not used to this kind of lifestyle, but I will say that everything together, the luxurious cars, beautiful hotels, incredible food made it a really unforgettable experience. So, you basically get what you’re paying for. – But there is one thing I wanted to talk about, and it’s an economics theory called the diminishing marginal returns.

And essentially, it’s this. If you eat your first cheeseburger, you get a lot of value, a lot of happiness.

But by the second cheeseburger, you get a little bit less. – How? (both laugh) – It’s the same thing with luxury accommodations, with yachts, with luxury cars. Every single experience you get, the marginal returns, the extra happiness you get from that activity, it decreases a little bit. So, I don’t know if you feel this way, but by the end of the week, things were still outstanding, still incredible, but because, it’s kind of shocking to say, it starts to become normal.

It became a little bit less valuable. I don’t know. – I totally agree. The first time we went to our really nice hotel, I felt like, and you were, I was just mesmerized by everything I saw. Like, the curtains closing by themselves.

But today, when we went to the third or fourth hotel, I was still impressed, but I was like, oh, I already saw that. Yes, I already had a really nice view like this one. So, I was really thankful, still, for what we were getting, but I wasn’t super surprised anymore.

– The great thing, though, is that for Katy and I, this is not our normal. We’ll be back to affordable accommodation, and it will kind of reset the clocks.

It’ll be back to enjoying things like we were a newborn, as she said. So, overall it’s an incredible experience, and for those who are not used to this, it truly makes you feel incredible. It’s a rush. It releases those endorphins. We also have made a video on the polar opposite of things here.

It’s called How to Travel Dubai Affordably. It’ll be right there. Go click it there if you want to see how you can see this luxury travel destination from a much, much more affordable standpoint.

And if you want to see Katy’s video, it’s gonna be right here. And it’s in English!

– Yes, I am starting to English videos for you guys. I have received so many requests that I said, okay, let’s do it! – And if you want to subscribe to our faces, than check out these little bubbles right here. As always, guys, if you made it this far, hit that like button. Let’s get lost again in the next one.

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