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t-minus 15 seconds guidance is in channel 12 11 where would you go if you could go anywhere what would you do if you could do anything this is our story of booking a last-minute ticket on the next flight jetting off to Maui with a newfound friend meet Dan the yes-man 1-0 always in running yo good morning guys it is the start of a beautiful day you can see the red clouds rolling in behind us and it is not sunset one of the few times that I’ve actually managed to get up for sunrise and abroad myself well this is a regular for you ash every day man we literally up it for sunrise like every day almost I do like my days where I sleep in there if you want to be good at Instagram you have to be dedicated enough to catch the sunrise hold on I had sunset midday naps perfect way to live flew do you goose’ yeah now you go running dad.

Welcome to Crouching Tiger I’m crouching lion the other giant cat it’s about a 20 minute hike up it’s really really easy but an incredible spot to check out the sunrise we’re planning something a little more epic this morning but last night we got news of the weather and we were kind of concerned that if we went on this two-and-a-half hour hike up to stairway to heaven.

We would have been basically just like taken over by rain and clouds as you know that’s not a good thing when you’re carrying expensive film equipment and it’s no good for photos or video either turns out there was none of that so just a beautiful morning Michael the right way up listen after our sunrise hike Dan took us up further north on the coastline to a place where you can occasionally jump on this oceanfront trampoline.

Usually the trampoline is taken down so we got really lucky this is basically the most epic trampoline you will ever find over this incredible crystal blue water if you don’t already know Dan’s actually a professional diver he actually has the technique down packed he’s not just like a cliff diver even though he’s really damn good at that I’d only just met Dan the day before but I immediately noticed something very unique about him no matter what you had in mind you could always count Dan in so we decided to spring allows me to question on him.

We invited him to join us on a flight to Maui which by the way we’re leaving in less than three hours so we’ve just gone back to our Airbnb were packing up we’re heading out and we’re trying to convince adventure mat and Dan’s come with us to Maui it’s one island over it’s literally like a 40-minute flight dan is the kind of guy he goes with the flow he’s one who can seize the moment let’s see we’re texting him right now we’re really hoping he’ll join us now we’re pretty much heading to the airport in like less than an hour be fun to have them with us.

We’ve come back to where we first started our trip here in a Wahoo which is the cove it’s like the best acai bowl we have the entire trip they have natural honey the basically it tastes like it came right out of the Beehive didn’t see this coming then are you coming alright I’m in and just like that our crew became one stronger it’s time to go to Maui Maui wowie hi PAC five minutes and under you on a trip it’s really tense it’s before dad kitchen.

We have to squeeze like an extra Birdman here it was already pushing the back so I don’t know how we’re going to do it now efficiency this is a game-changer right there that’s what living life is all about man he Griffin you hit last minute good decision now this is going to be the art of packing this power is made to uncomfortably carry four people now we’re going to try to fit in five and basically everyone’s luggage someone’s at night time I’m comfortable pollen jock you want to show throughout here.

Here in the river water valley well that was officially the shortest flight I’ve ever done about 25 minutes in the air as soon as the stewardesses like got up from their seats to bring us the drinks they sat down and we landed where Maui trying to get a car and this is the Labor Day weekend which means our wallets are hemorrhaging at the seems like we are paying so much money for the Airbnb paying so much money for the rental vehicle.

I got to say like I am loving Hawaii but this is no longer Southeast Asia we are paying about 110 dollars to rent a standard and our Airbnb is 250 US dollars per night how much money push the start yeah it’s a push to start what we got the most incredible packing job you could possibly ever do we of course the cases in the back like I totally had people change that okay okay all right guys we are finally ready to start a real day here in Maui yesterday was just kind of like getting to the Airbnb this is our place it’s very expensive but it’s beautiful and now we’re ready to go and explore the road to Hana is that it now today we’re going the other direction Costa.

So about an hour outside of the Airbnb we are currently heading down to what is basically like a fairy tale forest oh my gosh it’s clay this is magical fairy godmother can you fit a dream going to change.

Communication I’m Miss June occasionally I’ll spin on everything deputies in the new Legation I should take the Sheep to Z just leave me this is the most beautiful forest I’ve ever seen this is what you’d see in like Shrek you know I’m picturing Shrek right now just like the enchanted forest I like that Boulder that is a nice Boulder so one of the things I like to do normally is give you guys the names of locations so that you can come and see for yourself here in these videos it’ll be a little different because in Hawaii there’s a very tight-knit community of people trying to preserve these grounds there’s lots of local instagramers youtubers and they actually like to keep these locations rather secret so for those reasons.

That’s why I’m not really dropping names and not dropping location they basically hate geo taggers the people who show up and post a photo on Instagram saying this is where this was taken because as we’ve gotten to know a lot of landscape photographers we’re actually hearing of the destruction that goes on when thousands of people go to visit the exact same place day after day after day kind of a weird situation because you know here we are we like to take beautiful photos show off these places and yet we’re not able to share them have to respect that that is what the locals do if you’re coming to these places do your research you can definitely find these kind of off the map locations.

So truly these are some of the most beautiful parts of Hawaii but they’re not always on the market path which for a little bit of treasure hunting to find them so you don’t know what you do to know all the clothing so we are going to both dance ladies except something I’m going to go for a little dip in water where is Dan gonna try jumping up there but that’s not no no Oh over there and there’s people there they get over there.

How did you jump go cuz I enjoyed it thoroughly you’ll be edited together to look like one crazy jump or we had a film crew of 20 people scattered but what do you mean we did yeah we did already not every kid here had a camera the prints are here to 1 DX welcome to Hawaii right now you’re currently headed up the mountain that’s like the number one thing to do in Maui and that is check out Ally oculus aqua aqua Haleakala Ally Alcala which is it literally means hallway coast of the cut and house a house of the Sun.

When I think 20 times I’m like Wikipedia I’m like I’m not always correct but I’m still a good resource we’re going to be cold according to Dan but Dan’s from Hawaii so like it might just be a comfortable day in Canada to find out you don’t need to see any more getting like several degrees cooler as we get up so the coolest thing about this is the fact that we’re actually going to be on top of the clouds and just kind of like an extraterrestrial feeling like I would have this galaxy but we’re going to wait I don’t want to build it up too much just in case weather doesn’t pan out that is update we are on top of the clouds and there’s like a double layer we’re rushing your way to the top we’ve got about 15 minutes to get up there and only about 20 minutes after that the Sun.

This is literally one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen a little bit out of breath because you can definitely feel the altitude here we are above the clouds we are basically in Mars I’m guessing either the lack of oxygen or maybe it just doesn’t rain enough of the vegetation or too cold I’m not sure but it’s just like a desert up here it’s so beautiful oh my gosh what is going on you gotta get up there to live in the moment there’s a choice we are given every day but too often we train ourselves to create excuses to close doors instead of opening them and to say no instead of saying yet I challenge you to take your nose and make them yeses adopt the yes-man mindset and enjoy the ride.

I hope you have liked this video and if you did please some mash that like button hit the bell button to be notified when the next Hawaii video goes up and also check out the playlist for the entire Hawaii series linked down below a huge shout out to Rob and Dan because without them we could not have made this video with so many shots and angles and let’s just say we make a really good cinematic team let’s peel off again in the next one.

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