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30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

Welcome to the greatest city on planet Earth or at least that’s what Hollywood has told me my entire childhood what New York.

this is my first time ever in the city and over the next three days I’m being shown around by an ex local Catherine Esquivel she lived here in the city for two years two years holy moly that’s the point hey what the heck I love the best years is with me yeah and a big thank you to Best Western hotels and resorts for sponsoring today’s video telling me that the Brooklyn Bridge here is best seen at night yeah we’re trying to do many many things in just three days so with that.

Number one the Brooklyn Bridge

All right guys so we’ve walked down the bridge we’re now in the financial district and we’re gonna grab some breakfast everything on the menu sounds amazing yours looks like sophisticated and beautiful mine looks like a diner style which I’ll always choose that over sophisticated food tater tossed this is setting the bar way too high it’s unbelievable this is the back of a Faberge egg if ever you want to immerse yourself in the feeling of being poor come take a little stroll down Wall Street watch people in their thousand dollar suits stroll across the street making multi-million dollar deals while you decide whether to get a hotdog or Starbucks because it’s simply too expensive so as you can see there’s a bit of a line here to come and get a photo with the front of the bowl but what people don’t tell you is there’s no line on the other side now this is how you skip the line I can feel the wealth rubbing off on me this is oculus it looks like something straight out of like an alien vs.

predator movie just landing down in the city it’s beautiful let’s go check it out this is freakin amazing I’ve seen this place on Instagram before but this is way more impressive in person now last minute trips like this would simply not be possible if it wasn’t for my sponsors and I want to thank Best Western hotels and resorts for sponsoring a portion of today’s video and today I want to tell you about Best Western rewards their award winning loyalty program the lowest prices possible using Best Western com so why Best Western let me tell you that amazing service a wide variety of amenities that I mentioned most locations have hot breakfast included and on top of that you’ve got beautiful comfortable modern rooms and did I mention free Wi-Fi with Best Western Rewards you not only get incredible perks and promotions but you also save on your travels while earning more points.

I’m gonna need that back and lastly guys it’s completely free to join Best Western rewards so you can check it out using the link in the description and you can book now at Best Western com with the lowest rates guaranteed thank you to the Best Western hotels and resorts for sponsoring a portion of this video now let’s get back to seeing New York its dripping it’s a monster I love America I think this is the best shake I’ve ever had guys it’s just perfect inside out I hope my mom’s not watching this because we just had dessert before dinner that’s how you’re supposed to live like this is my first day in New York but I’m already gonna say it this must be the most beautiful time to come visit the fall colors are here as we’re walking I had to stop because when I look here it looks like we’re in a movie set any new york-based TV show could easily be based on this street right here it’s so picturesque so if you guys are wondering why you watch my channel because I give you those little insider tips that nobody else knows about this is a little off the Blanc hidden secret this is the apartment from friends I have a crush still so just here in Greenwich Village we are at Magnolia Bakery and this is actually the original bakery apparently there’s been many more put up through New York has have gotten crazy popular but we’ve come all the way here because we want to experience where it all started there was no sitting inside but there’s a beautiful park bench out here whether it’s actually really nice right now so what is this isn’t one a Napoli okay very very popular oh my god whoa you have to do this ten into ten all right guys we’ve walked over here to Chelsea and we’ve arrived at Chelsea Market the big market it looks super cool it’s a big cool market to procore cool got all these cool pieces super cool little Statue of Liberty statue what’s the opposite of Liberty prison relationships I could make a whole video on this place but we’re gonna keep it short and sweet you have to see for yourself two three four five six a thousand we just came up about a story this is Highline Park this used to be a railroad and now it’s a park it’s beautiful one thing I’m noticing about the city here is that there’s so many different colors of buildings styles textures and it makes for such like a diversity when you’re looking around you’re always looking at something new everything flows together despite being different oh yeah those are some of the old tracks okay how are we in the city right now this is insane this literally looks like something out of the Jetsons all right guys it is getting cold but we’re hanging in there and spirits have never been higher because this place is blowing my freakin little mind okay I won’t say little mind it’s blowing my mind look at this okay guys so we actually came in about 45 minutes later which is why the Sun has said sayonara it’s free but you also have to reserve times so we had to wait till the 5:20 slot last night of the tops a rotten egg I think what I love most about it is the fact that this building serves absolutely no purpose other than be freaking awesome honestly being down here in the New York subway system it gives me the feeling of like postal pop apocalyptic humanity like having to live below ground after nuclear war it’s kind of a creepy feeling down here I know it’s kind of cool though we have just think in the metro system all the way here to Williamsburg and for lack of a better descriptor that’s where the hipsters like to hang out it’s artsy it’s coffee shops it’s bars craft beers they love that stuff and where we going now I’m going to have brunch in a place called gorgeous and we’re starving yeah I now belong in Williamsburg Buddha’s arrived this is what’s just showed up it is peddling a bagel with some turkey some hot sauce everything that I love an absolute bot that’s super super good [Music] New York a million amazing latest Ruiz actually you can find new places like these just waiting waiting videos that’s probably phone this place I’ve lost count of how many cool coffee shops we’ve gone by now everyone has their own textures and colors for the exterior of their businesses you have the streets alone make it worthwhile coming to this neighborhood it’s beautiful I told them we were coming and they shut down the whole block for me I mean really appreciate the extra initiative here by the NYPD there wasn’t Martha other wasn’t they shut down the street for me so we’re here for some cheesecake Katzie says that it’s the best Martha’s country bakery let’s try it out oh my gosh it’s huge I thought it was hard to choose at Cheesecake Factory look at this you go first but so we ended up going with the apple crumble it’s a split because we’re gonna eat dessert basically everywhere I love it Shogun now some people will call it artists and fleas but for me I call it artistes and please take a flea market yeah cool I like it everything from wallets to watch band it’s not that expensive actually there was nice jewelry rings bracelets ranging from ten to thirty dollars very cool boutique feel to it I love this there was this one sunglasses guy though he wouldn’t even look at Cathy Cathy would try and different pair he’d give her like the Queen used to wear that one it’s super hot right now and he was even making eye contacts away I’m about to show you a crazy view here from the Brooklyn side of downtown Manhattan oh my gosh this view this really gives you a feeling of the grandeur of the city just how massive and widespread it is it goes all the way 180 degrees with some of the most recognizable iconic buildings in the world so Cathy says she accidentally bought a full pizza here one time it’s so good it has artichoke in it never in my life have I ever had an artichoke on my pizza but this pizza is the real MVP six but these are theater entire family with this another one of Kathy’s recommendations I’m not so sure about this one so hard right now covered pizza okay wake up [Music] the energy underground it’s just like nothing I’ve ever seen before anyways we just had this weird chocolate marshmallow pizza and then we had some bomb AF macaroni and cheese and now I feel a little sick it’s time to get back to home so I can sleep I’m so jet-lagged I’m getting destroyed alright good morning guys it is our third and technically actually not final day we do have another half day tomorrow we’ve actually switched over to the Best Western premiere here in Herald Square which is like the center Midtown of Manhattan yellow caps as far as you can see and we’re about to have breakfast here in the most American way possible we got some chicken and waffles we’ve got a diner by the name of tick tock which by the way we’re both on tick tock nice little subtle plug and we’re joined this morning by Brett Conti what’s up guys I’m glad that you got to come to New York City and try a real American dish because this is what we eat every day for breakfast every morning Kathie is like a fake local he’s a real local he actually lives here we’re gonna start our breakfast here and then move on to the next spot pretty quick so this is how you get around like a local alright and follow you you know you have the scooters but in New York City we have these electric bikes right here looking over the environment and this is a serious law yeah holding this in New York City so they called the New York City forget about it law you gotta try [Music] goodbye Brad item number 3026 on the list of the past three days there’s a church okay this has to be one of the most iconic places in New York and this ice-skating in front of Rockefeller Center which if you don’t know where Rockefeller is it’s right there Rockefeller right now we are 67 floors up above New York the bright side is we’ve got one of the best views in town this is the center of Manhattan the downside is I just lost 80 bucks for the two of us to come up here and see this I think it’s worth it being I finished the best view you can get a lot of money at that over there is the world-famous Central Park you can almost touch it now there’s one bright side to paying a lot of money to come up here and that is that there’s really not that many other people up here you know I am of the thought that if you’ve been to other high points in the world this one’s not going to blow you away but the history of Rockefeller is really really incredible I would actually built I believe during the Great Depression and this is like one of the foundational buildings to the city probably the best view you can get of the city next stop on the list is Radio City we saw it let’s go so after all that walking around we worked up a bit of an appetite and what better way to experience New York than being sold in overpriced mediocre hotdogs by an angry New York e’en New Yorker New York yes all angry how average so Goods up I have just rented a bike here and in the city of New York they have what’s called a city bike it’s about 325 to rent a bike for 30 minutes which isn’t very long cutsies app isn’t working so you consider my basket no the max 25 pounds you’re on there right so [Music] here I am in Central Park’s walking a bike because only one of us has one and cut the unfortunately can’t keep up with my pace we’ve got the colors of fall and right there are some of the tallest buildings in all of New York just perched right over the park this is stunning it’s too dark only one bike will come back tomorrow energy levels are plummeting luckily we have a cure I think we’re here at this little hidden spot inside of a really popular hotel and it’s called burger joints and it’s a little tiny hole in the wall burger spot a greasy bun wrap and a bag you know it’s real you know it’s gonna be good [Music] nailed it that was really good fries are a little overcooked burger toothless all right guys it’s day 3 Redemption time we’ve come back here to Central Park with some midday Sun and Brett is back with us the 20 other night today okay let’s do this single-file line towards about to start let’s go safety first everyone [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we just finished up in Central Park we took the subway here and we’ve come over to East Village because as you guys know New York is all about sharing the biggest the most over the top the best and with that we found a spot on in scrim that really fits that description what are we doing right now one of the night 21 scoops of ice cream what’s the most you’ve ever stacked on one on one cone 30 30 30 are you guys get to 21 I’ll get the 31 has anyone actually finished the 21 scooper on their own yes good handful of people actually finished sewing one scoop with the PB personal best 7 the final scoop of the 21 cube ice cream [Music] ready yes yes so heavy oh my gosh okay bye guys yeah not too fast come back just like the Titanic all good things must crash a lot of timing you see these cool Instagram style food shops they usually don’t taste that good but this ice cream is for real delicious so creamy I mean that’s what ice cream is ready you only have one shot I only need there’s no retakes in life the owner of the stuff face cream Allen actually recommended his favorite pizza spot Village Square pizza so hopefully this pizza place lives up to Allen oh it promises you’re gonna you know there’s going to be good with you’re already on the wall the pizzas are cut into squares therefore enhancing the flavor it’s all about the geometry it lives up to the hype super super delicious and if you come you have to get the honey spicy sauce on your pizza that’s like what man there’s so much better so freaking good my stomach is killing me I’ve eaten too much and now my heart hurts because it’s time to say goodbye I was pretty good transition there’s a great time hanging with you guys I’ll see you all in each of them you know yeah he’s coming to Bali so next time we’re gonna show you around our side of will yes all right back on to the Mets where we go we’ve got one more stop we’re going to show you guys this seems like a good time to end the video here we’ve seen so many things in three days and I hope this helps you with your upcoming trip to New York guys if you enjoyed today’s video please give it a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button if you’re new to the channel caffeine I’ll definitely be coming back let’s get lost again in the next one.

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