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What’s up guys today’s video is all about the three lenses that you shouldn’t leave home without [Music] right now I’m actually hanging out just outside of Machu Picchu out of resort by the name of tombow del inca here in peru as I’m shooting around the resort here today I’ll be using all three of the lenses and I’ll be showing you the different looks they achieve and why each of them have a special place in your camera bag the very first lens here is my trusty 16 to 35 2.8 lens what I love about this lens is that is the best vlogging lens you’ve got the 16 which is great wide and you can have the camera being handheld good morning from tumbled out inca one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed and check this out in here we got a walk-in closet for all of my alpaca sweaters which is perfect because I’ve got like eight of them now and then as we come through here you got two incredible beds the hotel backs on to this really quiet River here there’s a lot of things that I love about the 16 to 35 but the thing that I love the most about it is that when that lens is on there is no environment that is too tight to shoot with with the width of the 16 you can get incredibly beautiful wide shots with very little distortion and at the 2.8 aperture you have the ability to achieve some really spectacular low-light performance this lens is incredible for narration because at the wide sixteen you have the ability to show your face and a lot of the background and it also has the ability to zoom in to a thirty-five so if I’m vlogging I’m talking to somebody and then something happens in the behind the scenes and I want to quickly zoom in on it well now I have the option to zoom in to thirty five it’s not super cropped in but it gives you enough of a zoom to really help with the storytelling with a 2.8 you get really good low-light and ultimately this is one of my must-have lenses especially as a vlogger the other thing that this serves us is one of the best landscape photography lenses at the incredibly wide 16 range you can get the entire mountains you can get the skyline you can make yourself look like a little speck in order to really understand a lens you need to understand the relationship between the focal length and the final result that you’ll see in your video or photo when you shoot with a wide lens you actually push the background away from the subject as you can see here in this photo the subject is in front plane view but the background seems very distant and small in comparison now look at this photo that was shot with a long lens like the 100 millimeter and you can see here that it actually brought the background very close to the subject choosing the right lens and focal length is one of the ways that advanced photographers and videographers are able to manipulate their environments to tell their story this right here is my newest addition to my lens family and this is the 100 2.8 very few people actually know about this lens very few people own this lens and I only came across it because I saw my friends using it it allowed them to achieve shots I had never seen in my entire life some of my favorite shots have come off this lens right here and the thing that’s so cool about this lens is that you can take popular landmarks that everyone else is shooting and traveling to and tell a whole different story that nobody else has hatched for I love the uniqueness that this lens achieves and the really incredible thing is it’s a macro lens and it can shoot at the normal length so what that means is I could be shooting something really far away because at the hundred it’s very cropped in somebody could be standing 25 feet away from me and it could look like it’s a portrait shot but the really amazing thing with the macro setting is if I flick the switch here it goes to macro mode which allows me to get those really beautiful close-ups this right here is incredible for storytelling to be able to pick up the texture on a handrail to show a water droplet rolling down a flower that’s the kind of stuff that this lens can achieve and at the 2.

8 you get incredible subject isolations because I’m shooting now with the 100 it brings the background closer to the subject so in this case Cathy’s face is very present in the shot but the background behind her has become much closer it’s a really great way to emphasize the background and to really bring an entirely new level of subject isolation and my final lens in the collection is my Sigma 35 1.4 go away birds if you’re wondering why would you have a 16 to 35 2.8 zoom lens and then also have a lens that only shoots 35 at the 1.4 well the main reason that you want both of these lenses is because the results they achieve are actually completely different when you’re shooting with this 35 lens you can shoot at that 1.4 aperture which achieves the most incredible low-light performance which achieves the most incredible subject isolation I could be shooting with this lens and create this almost fairytale like story this lens has a completely different result and then when shooting with the 16 to 35 wide lens wow they allowed this is probably my go-to lens for most of my photography these days when I’m shooting photos for my Instagram I’m almost always using my 35 what I love about it is that it’s not too tight yet it’s not too wide for me when I try to take a photo generally my favorite shot is the medium shot where you have a subject you have somebody in the photo that helps tell the story of the landscape but the subject does not overtake the landscape you’re still able to show off the area that you’re in and for me the 35 is the best lens for that yes I could do it with that same lens the 16 to 35 that I’m currently shooting with but when I can drop it down to 1.

4 I get way better subject isolation when I need it I get way better low-light performance and the truth is there’s something about this lens that can’t be put into words it is much sharper than the 35 on this lens and that’s just gonna naturally happen when you shoot with a prime lens a good prime lens will always outperform a zoom lens and that’s why even though they both shoot at the 35 the 35 on this and the 35 on that are very different the results are much better on this one colors are better the sharpness is better and the subject isolation is better not to mention the low-light is also much better later that evening we went for dinner at tombow del inca now 90 percent of the time when I’m shooting in a dim and dark environment I will always use my 35 1.4 and when I want to pack really light it’s actually the only lens I’ll bring with me this may look like an innocent plate of food but this is actually a guinea pig I have never in my life be to guinea pig I did never expect to eat someone’s pet but we’re gonna try it out so I got quinoa bit of cheese and guinea pig I like it it’s not the strongest tasting meat I’ve ever had but I like it’s very tender then I had to try it the reason I use this lens is because it has amazing low-light performance and incredible shallow depth of field basically the rule of thumb is if it’s getting dark outside it’s time to put on the Sigma 35 for me those are my three lenses and yes I have a 24 to 70 at home 2.8 that’s probably my number one pick if you were to buy just one lens but because I have this whole range here of these three lenses working together I can create better results and I actually generally leave that lens at home I also have a 70 to 200 Canon zoom lens and it’s fantastic but I just don’t use it enough I’m actually traveling with it right now and I have not pulled it out of my bag once over the past week and a half once I found these three lenses I found that my other lenses almost became unused and that’s why I want to make today’s video to help save you money to help guide your decision when you’re gonna buy your next lens if I had to rank these three lenses in terms of importance I would say that this one is probably my favorite shooter right now for my Instagram and for cinematic YouTube videos however if I’m vlogging it’s a little too tight and that’s where my 16 to 35 becomes my most useful lens however this falls into the mix because this is my lens that really allows me to differentiate my shots that allows me to shoot shots that nobody else is getting and it truly is a fantastic lens I actually have all three of these lenses link down below and whether you shoot with a full-frame camera or you shoot with a crop sensor whatever you have there’s different variations of these lenses that allow you to achieve similar looks but if you’re shooting with a full-frame camera like a Sony or Canon these are the focal lengths these are the kinds of lenses I recommend I want to thank the luxury collection for hosting us at tombow del inca and Palacio del inca two of the most incredible hotels you’ll find in all of Peru and I’m a little bit sad that it’s time to check out if you’re new to the channel make sure to smash the thumbs up button and hit the subscribe button because I’ll be doing lots more travel and camera related videos I love sharing the insides and outs of my business and if you want to learn how I actually create a living by traveling and shooting videos I have an entire exclusive community on patreon comm I create weekly videos where I share everything about the insides of my business and how I make the most of my travels so if you’re curious it’s link down below and guys let’s get lost again in the next one peace out

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