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2 Chainz Checks Out a 5-Star Hotel at JFK Airport

2 Chainz Checks Out a 5-Star Hotel at JFK Airport | Most Expensivest

Hey how you doing good how you doing all right I’m 2 Chainz welcome to TWA Tyler Morse nice to meet you Tyler nice to meet you as well you want me to call you Mr chains I love Mr Sands yeah we’re going with the chance today’s episode Mr chains and Mr Tyler James does TWA now tell me what TWA stands for Transworld Airlines.

Okay and am I in an airport right now you’re not you’re in a hotel but this is a former TWA terminal this was the original Cathedral to Aviation it was built by Howard Hughes when he owned TWA was designed by Arrow serenin who did the St Louis Arch tulip table the Tulip chair all the stuff that we sit on these days okay and Howard Hughes he was the richest guy in the world he called aerosarin and said I want the greatest airplane terminal the world’s ever seen and I don’t care how much it cost this was the product of that this is spectacular airplane terminal it was functionally obsolete the day it opened in 1962.

Too small really well they used it but as you can see everybody came into the building that way the baggage claim was invented right there foreign too small now we have functional Solari board split flat board and this is from the 60s no I had this remade okay to mirror the exact one that was here in 1962. you got to go to Venice okay and drive two hours North and they will sell this to you for two million bucks that’s all two million bucks two million it’s essentially a clock I love it I look at all the Vintage logos right yeah those are all the ones from 1962.

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That was the year we opened we actually trademarked the year 1962 for this project how can you do that oh I called the U.S patent and trademark office and I trademarked it I own the year 1962.

Speed John Glenn the Cuban crisis of 1962. not because they are easy but because they are hard Monroe is dead at 36. how how did y’all let this man on this job did you come in and do a lot of renovating yourself or did you try to leave some of the details we renovated this building to exactly as it was in 1962.

Okay there’s 6548 000 of these Penny tiles and you notice they’re on the vertical surfaces as well yeah see they surround the Solari board here they were laid one thumb at a time one thumb at a time one thumb at a time how much would that process run you know your average Joe it’s probably five bucks a thumb five bucks a thumb times six million do the math just for the floor just for the floor Wow Let’s look around yeah with the Solari board and this is the airport on the other side correct that’s the JetBlue terminal this has to be the coolest thing in the world so we built two buildings next to it these two towers that I’m Marshall that are 512 Keys we had to dig out there under the runway that goes down four stories that’s actually the roof of a four-story building that’s are really amazing am I the only one just finding out about this.

I feel like I am I feel like I’m late to the party how many people like annually what do you see coming in now these days uh we see a hundred thousand people a week so about five million people a year this airport hotel is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen thank you all right we’re going upstairs now not the pay phones oh my goodness authentic pay phones you can put a dime in there too you have a dime who has a dime what else we got we built our own power plant for this project we’re completely off of the electrical grid we have a battery pack up there it’s kind of like this project is powered by a Tesla well and it never goes off what would something like that cost to get done that was close to 20 million bucks.

I replaced every window in this building as well so I had to put in tempered glass this building from a distance you can see a green aura that’s because of the lead content so I had to match that lead content exactly and every single pane is different from every other pain in size and that sounds like a pain Catch Me If You Can this is crazy this is the famous scene where uh Tom Hanks catches Leo I gotta show you the pool as the Sun is setting what but look at that Sunset see that’s Runway four left and 22 right over there so this is a Vibe so if you’re down in the pool you’re just watching the planes take off and laugh I love it see there’s a big piece of heavy metal coming in from Europe okay oh he’s probably going to Atlanta wait wait you missed your ride wait come back get away from her stuff right now stepping on her Road she doesn’t even know you know.

I agree and and we don’t know you either lady all right be good grouchy ass old people old white people that’s what would be grounds get out of Hippo Karen call the police you mean for no reason just angry lady [ __ ] my mood up well I just don’t be [ __ ] with that energy man and then the Rope she’s talking about is the one that you gave her at the hotel it’s not her personal Versace robe it’s the white one that he clearly didn’t try to step on they filmed Ocean’s eight here as well was Rihanna in that one yeah yeah she was hey darling how are you oh thank you so nice I love that way to be nice it’s a mean of all the white people up there y’all are nice thank you she called me handsome too you beautiful baby.

That’s right that’s right that’s right great drama on the roof somebody love this cologne see the world loves me and when you don’t, and that plane used to be Air Force One wow so you’ll appreciate this so that actual plane it was an Alaskan bush plane for about 10 years then it was bought by a bunch of South American drug dealers uh.

And they ferried weed and cocaine on that plane from Colombia to Miami really for another 10 years it flies low and slow so they put a cargo door on the back side of it and they’d air drop weed so Rand rugs those are your peeps has more history than anything on this property that’s legendary and you just have it sitting in the backyard of your.

Oh it’s a cocktail body functional oh yeah let’s go get a drink welcome smells like y’all drinking on you what’s up you’re good I think we got to do it gonna go in the wing all right let’s do it I gotta go through the window yeah how’d you think we were gonna get out of the way this is the emergency exit they don’t pay me that much you know to be doing all this old [ __ ] y’all especially with the old lab mean lady all right we out here on a huge Wing hopefully no one slips off it’s more fun out here oh we got some bounce on hell no I ain’t.

With that look like a little scale kind of you know the thing is I feel like if anything happened to me I would be okay and I know you have the money to make sure that my family will be just so happy with you tricking me to come out on this damn Wing I’ll drive you to the hospital you’re not as you can see this place is huge it’s very creative done by one of the best developers out here on the face of this Earth I appreciate you for showing me around definitely didn’t know what I was getting myself into but this is very cool and I want all y’all to check it out when you come to JFK most expensive [ __ ] I’m your host two shines foreign

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