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10 Top Tourist Attractions in France

10 Top Tourist Attractions in France – Travel Video

France has always been one of the favorite tourist destinations not only in Europe but also around the world people from all over the world are drawn to its sophisticated culture picturesque scenery romantic castles unique Gastronomy Exquisite wine and trendy fashion here’s a look at the best places to visit in France.

Number 1. Paris

Paris is the capital of France considered a center of fashion Gastronomy and culture of the world when you come here you can climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and see the whole city visit the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral the Louisville Museum Le invalides National Palace and many more alternatively you can also walk the famous xiaomi Lise and browse fashion stores or enjoy macaroons and croissants

Number 2. Leon

Leon is the third largest city in France and it is famous for its charm Old Town in the area of Leon you will find Cathedral Leon one of the typical European churches built and Romanesque and Gothic Styles dating back over 800 years the Lyon Museum of Fine Arts the Basilica of Notre Dame the Church of Som June Baptist the Museum of cinematography and Miniatures and this event National Park are must-see attractions while you’re in town Leon is also known as The Culinary capital of the world so when you come here enjoy delicious food at local restaurants bistros and markets.

Number 3. Nice

Located in the heart of the French Riviera the beautiful Seaside city of nice is a must-see when you are in France mild weather beautiful beaches narrow cobblestone streets and colorful houses are the charms of this city while in nice climb up to Castle Hill for amazing panoramic views of the old town and the coastline in addition you can also visit masena Square stroll in the view nice neighborhood go to the flower market and enjoy local dishes

Number 4. Marseille

Marseille is the oldest city in France built around 600 BC by the ancient Greeks also known as masalia Marseille is a Charming City with beautiful blue sea water ancient buildings and delicious food the Old Port of Marseille is always at the top of the list of places to visit when coming to the city when you’re here you will be amazed by the beauty of the vibrant boats and the Grandeur of the Notre Dame de la guarda standing behind make sure to visit the streets of Le paniere and take pictures with colorful houses and graffiti if you love art and photography if you enjoy hiking in nature kolongs National Park is a must visit there are White Cliffs here turquoise blue water and you will enjoy breathtaking views while walking there

Number 5. Onse

Located in the Alps Onsay is one of the most beautiful cities in France the cobbled streets flower filled canals and colorful architecture make onsay a very romantic getaway when you come here visit the medieval castle built in the 14th century which was the residence of the count of Geneva and later the Duke of Savoy today it is a great place to learn about the history of the city or admire the beauty of Le concert from a different perspective also don’t forget to visit the palette I’ll say symbol built on a small island and the Theo River.

Number 6. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital of the alsas region located along the border of France and Germany the city was formally occupied by Germany so when you come here you will see a mixture of French and German cultures through the city’s museums cafes and shops beautiful architecture half timbered houses delicious food lovely canals and mountains make it a lovely city one of the best things you can do in Strasbourg is visit Notre Dame of Strasbourg an impressive Gothic Cathedral dating back to the 13th century here you can climb to the top for panoramic views of the city and part of the black forest in Germany also you shouldn’t Miss La Meson camerasel a renaissance building with a beautiful wooden facade along with the famous La Petite France neighborhood with canals and unique architecture.

Number 7. Laura Valley

The Laura Valley located in the center of central France is a great destination to explore when you come here you will see beautiful scenery magnificent castles and Vineyards surrounded by ancient castles and beautiful Villages the Lower Valley is a UNESCO world heritage site here there are more than 50 castles built during the medieval period of which sales and aze Liberto are prominent castles before you leave the Laura don’t forget to visit the wineries and taste the famous local winesN

Number 8. Cans

Cans is one of the most popular Resort towns along the Cote de Azure until the 19th century Cairns was just a quiet fishing Village but today it is a coastal city world famous thanks to the prestigious khans film festival at cans you can swim in Crystal Clear Blue Water and sunbathe on the white sand beach if you are a Shopaholic stroll around the Avenue de la corset or Rue de antebe and visit the fashionable boutiques in addition you can visit the quaint Les Sequoia neighborhood located on a hill and admire the beauty of the whole city of Cairns and the Mediterranean Sea.

Number 9. Bordeaux

Located along the banks of the garon river Bordeaux is one of the famous tourist cities with a lot of interesting things this city is known for its historic architecture great shopping and beautiful Villages you can walk around the old town and admire the unique architecture here alternatively you can visit the muradoo an iconic giant Lake of Bordeaux located opposite the place de la Boise around the square you can find 18th century castles along with old palaces as well as some excellent art museums at night you’ll see the magic of the cityscape lit up from the Napoleonic Pon de Pierre Bridge Bordeaux is home to some of the finest Wines in the world so enjoy them before you finish your journey in this city

Number 10. Theaters bierritz

Was once a peaceful French fishing town but its surf beaches beautiful traditional houses golf course and unique Gastronomy have made it famous and attractive a lot of tourists come here Le Grand palage Beach the symbol of biorez is a must-see while you’re here in addition to swimming and sunbathing you can stop by one of the restaurants here to enjoy your coffee look out over the waves or watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean alternatively you can also explore the vo Port walk to 5 and enjoy the view visit the aquarium the beats and many other exciting activities while in beardets historic sites beautiful landscapes and famous Cuisine make.

France a good choice for traveling alone as a couple or as a family once you’ve arrived in France you will never forget this experience let us know which place you like best in the comment section thank you for watching

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